Four Creative Ways to Decorate a Plain Crocheted Hat

A handmade hat is far more unique than something from the store, especially when it includes unique details and embellishments that cannot be found anywhere else. Instead of simply combining various hues, do something more. You can decorate a plain crocheted cap in stylish one-of-a-kind ways that will set it apart from the rest. Even if you bought it from a store or received it as a gift, these creative ideas can be used to transform it from drab to fab.

Weave Decorative Ribbon through the Openings

If your crocheted hat is too plain for your taste, jazz it up with decorative ribbon. Consider something with graphics. Ribbon is available in every color of the spectrum, and it can be found with designs in just about every theme. It can go from ordinary to extraordinary with the addition of a single length of ribbon. As the first photo shows, it will great greatly enhance an otherwise ordinary crocheted cap.

Add a Big Button

If the stitches are too tight to accommodate a ribbon, consider using a big button to decorate one side. If it is long enough to fold up, use a button to hold the fold securely in place. The crocheted hat in the second photo was plain until the big button was added. Instead of using thread to attach it, use two strands of yarn in the same color as the hat. Simply push the strands though the button holes and both layers of material. Securely tie them in back.

Attach a Crocheted Flower Bloom

If you know how to crochet a flower bloom, make them to decorate either store-bought or handmade hats. If you do not know how to make them, search Etsy for ready-made blooms. Otherwise, consider searching YouTube for a video with step-by-step directions. They are really very easy to make. Give it a try. More than likely you will be creating crocheted flowers in minutes.

Add a Pompom

When looking for an easy way to decorate a plain crocheted hat, how about adding a pompom? They are easy to make using a piece of cardboard and a pair of scissors. Simply wind yarn that matches the hat around a small piece of cardboard. The width of the cardboard will be the finished size of the pompom. The more yarn that you use, the more plush it will be. Slide the cardboard out from the center of the wrapped yarn, and tie both sides together in the center. You will be left with dozens of loops of yarn on each side. Clip the loops to create the pompom, and trim it where necessary to make it perfectly round. Tie it to the crown of the hat with a matching piece of yarn. It just might be the perfect finishing touch.

Source: Advanced Crafting Experience

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