Four Easy DIY Twin Headboards for Girls

If your daughter’s twin bed does not have a headboard, do not spend money on a typical wooden or metal frame. They can be quite costly, some are dated, and they are completely unnecessary. Add style and color to her bedroom with homemade alternatives. Consider these four easy DIY headboards for girls, and give her something unique instead of typical furnishings. They will cost less than the cheapest ready-made options for beds.

Make a Vibrant Wall-Mounted Pool Noodle Headboard

Pool noodles are good for more than just floating around in a swimming pool on a hot summer day. They are colorful lightweight tubes that can be used to make a wall-mounted headboard that would be perfect for girls. When designing a twin pool noodle headboard, place the twin bed about a foot away from the wall. With help from an extra pair of hands, figure out how many you will need. Place them even across the bottom, and create a curved top using a sharp pair of utility scissors.

Wind Faux Flowering Vines around Lattice Panels

Lattice panels make wonderful bedroom decor for girls. To turn them into twin headboards, cut them to the appropriate length and width using a handsaw or a circular saw. Paint or stain them to coordinate with the other colors in the bedroom. Glue blocks of wood to the back to create approximately three inches of space in between the lattice boards and the wall. Attach the panels to the wall using small L brackets and wood screws. Weave faux flowering vines throughout the panels to finish the headboards.

Hang a White Picket Fence over Floral Wall Decals

A section of white picket fencing makes a fantastic headboard for a twin bed. Add color and beauty with floral wall decals. Consider adding peel-and-stick sunflowers or other blooms that will show between the slats. Consider tree and bird decals as well. They can be found online and in local craft and home improvement stores.

Use Console of the Appropriate Height

When a bedroom for girls is small and lacks storage space, a console with drawers makes a fantastic headboard. Keep in mind that it must be high enough for the drawers to open. Use the top to hold plush pets and/or books and an adjustable reading lamp. The area beneath the console can also be used for hidden storage. Use plastic containers with lids to store off-season clothing, seldom used toys, collectibles and more. No matter which DIY twin headboard you choose, your girls will love their new bedroom decor.

Source: Professional Home Decorating and Advanced Crafting Experience

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