Fourth of July Treats for Kids!

There are two essential ingredients to any successful Fourth of July party: Fireworks and Food. The culmination of a delicious barbecue or picnic with a rousing display of fireworks lighting up the night sky with dazzling colors and flares of sparkling light is a breathtaking experience.

Children can appreciate fireworks in any form, and food is no exception. This Fourth of July, why not create a spectrum of simple treats especially for the children, representing the wondrous colorful explosions soon to take place above their heads.

Fourth of July recipes for kids require little fuss and can be prepared quickly. The simplicity of some of these recipes will enable you to relax and enjoy the day, while the children laugh and frolic, happily devouring these holiday treats.

Ice cream is a major component of any Fourth of July celebration, and the quick addition of red and blue sprinkles to a vanilla ice cream cone turns an ordinary cone into a Fourth of July Ice Cream Fireworks Spectacular. With a little bit of baking time, you can also prepare cookies topped with red and blue sprinkles.

Following the red, white and blue tradition, tasty, refreshing vanilla shakes with red and blue sprinkles swirled about is yet another flavorful and exciting combination.

A favorite Fourth of july treat for kids is one that is also enjoyable for children to make as well as eat. To make Fourth of July Red White & Blue Popsicles, you will need any type of red juice, such as raspberry, cranberry, or fruit punch, and type of white juice such as lemonade, and any type of blue juice, such as blue Kool Aid or a blue Gatorade flavor.

To make the Popsicles, line up some 3 oz. paper cups (anticipate how many popsicles will need to be made) and pour the red juice into each cup, filling it a third of the way. Freeze the juice until slightly firm, but still mildly slushy.

Insert a popsicle stick into the center of the ices, and then proceed to pour in the white juice, until two thirds of the cups are filled, and place the cups back into the freezer for freezing.

Then add the blue juice, and freeze again until the entire popsicle is frozen solid. Then simply peel the cups from the popsicles and they are ready to serve!

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