Freak Accident: Football Player Paralyzed

Travis Hearn was rushed to the hospital after a freak accident during a football game on September 22nd. He attends Rock Island High School (Rocky) and was playing against the rivaling team: the Alleman Pioneers. According to 31 year Rocky coaching veteran Vic Boblett, Hearn suffered from a burst fracture of his C-4 vertibrae in his neck. All neighboring football leagues, schools, and other organizations have called in and given their blessings to Hearn and his team. Some schools are starting fundraisers to help pay for Hearn’s surgery. The surgery date has not been released, though the information is scheduled to be released sometime this week.
Vic Boblett said that this accident was a freak accident, and it most definitely was so. “We all know that football is a collision sport, but the risk of injury is minimal when you look at all the payers who play the game and the number who get injured.” Said Coach Boblett. He is now joining his team as they continue their season with their first practice of the season since the accident. According to Vic, their team is a “football family”: for “Almost all of them (Hearn’s teammates) went to the hospital on Friday to see Travis before surgery.”
The current news is that Hearn is paralyzed from the shoulders down, though there have been reports that he has been getting the feeling back in his toes and feet. This information has not been confirmed, however. Hearn is currently being hospitalized, and there is no sign of him getting back on the field anytime soon.

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