Get Real Free Stuff on The Internet

Did you know there are hundreds thousands of sites on the internet right now offering completely FREE stuff? Sure there are many scams and hoaxes out there, but genuinely free stuff is also available if you know where to look for it. Samples and coupons are some of the items you can get for free.

I have gotten a plethora of freebies including:

3M post-it notes
Shampoo and conditioner
Pens and art sets
Back-to-school supplies by popular kids products
Food and drink products (sometimes they come in the mail, other times you get a coupon)
TV dinners
And so much more.

How to weed out the hoaxes or not-so-free-freebies:

Generally, if you click a link for a freebie and wind up at an offsite that asks you to fill out information for other offers, it is not a real freebie. There are many sites that will ask you to sign up for two or three other sites in order to get the freebie. These freebies, in my experience, never come. You just get inundated with junk mail about online colleges, loans, and credit cards.

If they are “giving away” free computers, game systems or other very expensive items, they aren’t free and they WILL try to collect a lot of information from you to send you information in the mail.

If you have to earn points by clicking on ads, it’s not a true-freebie.

A real freebie site will never ask for your credit card number.
You will be asked for your name, address, email address, phone number (usually optional, I never include it or I include a fake one so I won’t get a ton of telemarketers calling).

A TRUE freebie is one that you get for clicking a direct link, filling out the form, and actually getting it in the mail. How do you find these freebies? One way is to do a Google search. Type in “Free stuff” or “Freebies” and you will get a ton of results. Another way is to go to a free stuff website. These webmasters do the work for you. They find all the free stuff and link them to their site, some will even include a short description and whether they actually received the item or now. You can usually find these under the same search.

It usually takes two weeks or more to actually start getting the free stuff in the mail. Some things will never come (because they’ve run out of stock or discontinued the offer). Other things will finally get to you long after you’ve forgotten you “ordered” it. Getting freebies in the mail is fun but be careful, use your common sense, and never pay for what you can get for free!!!!

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