Getaway Weekend to Lincoln, RI

Lincoln, RI may seem like a surprising choice for a getaway weekend . But when the summer heat drives you out of cities like Providence or Boston, a weekend getaway to Lincoln , RI may start sounding better and cooler as you watch the thermometer rise. Only a fifteen minute drive from downtown Providence and about an hour away from Boston , a getaway weekend to Lincoln, RI can really help you feel like you have left the city behind. Lincoln , RI is certainly not a major resort city and it may not have enough attractions or action to keep you busy for a full week of vacation, but its suburban feel and these major attractions may convince you that in fact a getaway weekend in Lincoln RI was a very good idea after all.

Lincoln Woods What can help you, your mate, your friends or your family chill out better than time spent in the peaceful cool and quiet of Lincoln Woods State Park. Lincoln Woods offers getaway weekenders 627 acres of recreational opportunity. At the park you will quickly spy a well marked off and guarded fresh water swimming area rimmed by a sandy beach. The beach area is well served by a pavilion where refreshments are available, restrooms nearby and there is plenty of shaded area for picnicking. There is enough water at Lincoln Woods to provide hikers with scenic views and to allow for a restricted area for fishing. Some visitors to Lincoln Woods simply like to take there lunch and find their own remote waterside spot to spread out a blanket and enjoy the peace, quiet and beauty of the woods as it envelops them and their lunch.

After lunch there is plenty to do. Lincoln Woods has several ball fields and there are often pick up games of softball going on .
If you aren’t in the mood for organized sports, how about setting off with your group along one of the more than 10 miles of hiking or biking trails. If you want a little more bounce for your buck on your getaway weekend to Lincoln, RI seek out Lincoln Woods’ Sunset Stables. This enterprise is in business to provide guided trail rides through the woods and there are mounts available seven days a week. If children are part of your getaway group they will be delighted with the opportunity to enjoy a pony ride at the stable.

Blackstone River State Park Amazingly enough if you plan a getaway weekend in Lincoln, RI you will find not one but two State Parks within the same relatively limited confines of Lincoln, RI. Certainly less elaborate and offering less recreational choices than Lincoln Woods, Blackstone River State Park does provide relaxation and a restful tempo for those who are weekending with real relaxation in mind. Blackstone River provides these folks with the sought after quiet approach to outdoor living. Visitors can meander peacefully along the banks of the Blackstone River. If you have come with bait and tackle you can enjoy some riverside fishing . And if you remember to bring your canoe or kayak along you’ll find company and a perfect spot to launch your craft for a relaxing paddle down the river. It’s not for everyone, but the tempo and layout of Blackstone River State Park are just what some folks have been looking for. An added bonus: not far away is the Blackstone River Bikeway and 17 miles of scenic bike paths just waiting for the random tourist to tour.

Lincoln Park Lincoln, RI has gained some well earned popularity of late because of the presence within its borders of Lincoln Park. A one time, live greyhound racing center, Lincoln Park has expanded and developed into a multi faceted gaming center. For those who still enjoy the thrill of live racing, Lincoln Park will not disappoint. Greyhound racing is still a featured event but for those on a getaway weekend, Lincoln Park offers much, much more. The park offers its patrons an opportunity to tune in and wager on racing around the nation via simulcast. But there is more. Lincoln is going through a mammoth, $126 million expansion of its facilities which will eventually provide more than 3000 slot machines for gaming experiences on three different levels. Did you want some excitement on your getaway weekend and a chance to make a few bucks or more, Lincoln Park in Lincoln, RI could be the place for you.

As part of its development project, Lincoln Park in Lincoln, RI has added a variety of eateries sprinkled throughout the casino. Guests can choose from a quick burger, hot dog or pizza , or possible a deli style lunch or choose something much more fancy. When you are on a getaway weekend who knows when you will be hungry. Whenever it is Lincoln has got you covered with quick, convenient or elegant dining options. Lincoln’s new Kobalt Room provides evening entertainment and all summer long there are live outdoor concerts . As your getaway weekend winds down enjoy a leisurely Sunday brunch at Lincoln Park. There are lots of times and ways in which the new Lincoln Park can help you to enjoy your special getaway weekend.

Emerald Square Mall Some people call it the Emerald City others just call it one great shopping experience. If you are on a getaway weekend and shopping is your thing then Emerald Square Mall in nearby North Attleboro, MA is worth a look. Emerald Square offers three huge floors of shopping joy with both large and small store shopping available. You can find toys, shoes, DVD’s and CD’s, entertainment items, clothing in all sizes, styles and price ranges. Well there just isn’t much that you can’t find at Emerald Square. On the third floor you can take a break at the spacious food court that features a full wall of windows giving the venue a light and open feeling and encourages the getaway mode that you are in. If you have children with and a few quarters you can treat them to a few turns on some of the carousel style rides that are adjacent to the food court. When you are done a quick 10-15 minute ride returns you to your getaway weekend spot, Lincoln,RI

Lodgings Because Lincoln, RI is a relatively suburban area there is not a big strip with lots of motels and restaurants. If you want that kind of experience, you don’t want a getaway weekend in Lincoln, RI. But Lincoln can provide you with a well appointed Marriott Inn and several quaint bed a breakfast options. Any of these choices will allow you the peace, quiet and privacy that most weekenders are seeking

Lincoln, RI has plenty of activities to fill a weekend but maybe the best part is, that Lincoln is so close to Providence and Boston that when folks from those metropolitan areas come and go on their getaway weekend, they don’t waste much time on the road. You are there quickly and you can enjoy almost every last minute of your getaway because home is just minutes away.

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