God Bless Keith Olbermann

ABC – owned by the Walt Disney Company, responsible for providing nearly 100% fictional retellings of the stories of Pocahontas, Davy Crockett and The Little Mermaid – recently showed a “docudrama” about the events leading to 9/11. Their conclusion: It was all Bill Clinton’s fault. Apparently, despite the fact that the GOP consistently campaigns on the promise that they and they alone can protect us from terrorists, they needed a little more than eight and a half months to figure out that a bunch of Islamic terrorists were in the country taking lessons on how to fly but not land planes. The Path to 9/11 could only make this assertion that it was all Clinton’s fault by inventing scenes that never happened. Allow me a moment to reciprocate:

The scene: A meeting between Disney/ABC execs and the writer of The Path to 9/11.

Mr. Nowsrateh (The writer): Do you want me to read the 9/11 Commission report before I write the screenplay.

Disney exec: Nah. We never read anything about Pocahontas and our lawyers tell us we did just fine. No lawsuits. So, you know, maybe ask someone who read it. That’s good enough for us. (To his secretary) Denise, get me Rush Limbaugh on the phone…um, try that pharmacist of his first, it’s still pretty early. (To Nowsrateh) I can’t think of anyone who’d be a better consultant on what went on inside the Clinton White House. Can you?

For those of you who did watch The Path to 9/11 or anything else on Monday night, you should know you missed another whopper of a commentary by Keith Olbermann on MSNBC. Following quickly upon his brilliant devastating of Donald Rumsfeld’s misguided belief that dissent is bad for America, Olbermann eloquently undermined Pres. Bush’s politicization of 9/11. Framed with the giant lack of anything behind him where the twin towers once stood, Olbermann pointed out that five years later there is not even a memorial. The place where the twin towers stood is not just still an unmarked grave it is still only “a background for a photo-op.”

Olbermann took Pres. Bush to task for mouthing patriotic sentiments such as vowing to get those responsible dead or alive, but not acting on those sentiments. And at long last a major journalistic figure – remember now, that we have a “liberal media” dominated by commie pinkos who will stop at nothing to bring Pres. Bush down – finally, after over three years of madness, finally a major journalistic figure used the words impeachable offenses to describe what Bush did when he used 9/11 to justify his lies about wanting to attack Iraq.

Olbermann used my favorite episode of The Twilight Zone to highlight just how the Bush administration works its evil. The Monsters are Due on Maple Street shows what happens when ordinary people are driven to rule their actions by irrational fear. Karl Rove probably has this episode memorized. He knows exactly what strings to pull to get millions of Americans more concerned about a terrorist attack (which most haven’t and probably never will face) than they are about not being able to pay for health care (which most Americans have or probably will face and die from).

Shame on your, Mr. President, Olbermann said. Who has left this hole in ground after five years, he asked.

It is you, Mr. Bush. And though Olbermann ended by asking that this country one day forgive the President, I am not yet ready to do that.

Keith Olbermann will probably be fired when his contract is up. The difference between a real journalist – a real American, for that matter – and an opportunistic, partisan bandwagoneer has never been pointed up in such stark relief. Who comes on after Olbermann? Joe Scarborough. While Olbermann is questioning whether Mr. Bush is destroying demoracy in American, do you know who Joe Scarborough is blaming for destroying America?

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

God bless you, Keith Olbermann! May God have mercy on CBS for not hiring you instead of Katie Couric.

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