Good Restaurants in Manhattan

Here is a list of a dozen good restaurants in Manhattan. We have had conversations with people who travel, particularly to large cities like New York, who fear being forced to dine at very expensive establishments simply because they don’t know where else to go. The places listed here meet the following criteria.

– They make the list only after a visit for a meal.
– They offer adults a pleasant environment for dining.
– They provide excellent service.
– The food is very good to excellent.
– The prices are moderate.

So, – looking for a good meal, in a nice place, with reasonable prices, in The Big Apple? Try these.

The prices shown are for TWO PEOPLE and include the tip because, after all, the tip is part of what you pay for a meal. The dinners include a soft drink or one glass of house wine, salad, entree’, coffee, but usually no desert. Breakfast prices are for a full meal starting with a large fruit juice. Keep in mind, of course, that the prices shown here are not guaranteed and will probably vary depending on the menu choices you make.

A good suggestion for visitors to NYC is don’t eat at a restaurant that does not have the menu posted for viewing before you go in.

As most travelers know, restaurants appear and disappear with breathtaking suddenness. You should heed the familiar and easy to remember disclaimer IWTWIWT,BIMNBTWYGT, and call etc. (See below)

Many of these places have their own Website showing their location, menu, etc.

If anyone knows of a restaurant which meets the five criteria shown above and thinks it should be on the list, let us know. Or, if you have visited one of these establishments and found it wanting in any of the five criteria, let us know that, too.

* Aegean, Columbus Ave at W 70th St., Manhattan. $35.

The food on the menu is Greek. Aegean is a neighborhood place with an open atmosphere that makes you feel you are dining outside, without actually being outside. Take the 1, 2, or 3 train to 72 St., walk two blocks east and two blocks south, or the B or C train to 72 St. and walk one block west and two blocks south.

* Mayflower Hotel, Central Park West @ 61st St., Manhattan. $35.

A good hotel style restaurant across the street from Central Park. Go early for the theatre specials.

* Galaxy Cafe II, 8th Ave @ 19th St., Manhattan. $30

A basic diner in Chelsea. Good food, plenty of it, fast service typical of a New York diner, and “neighborhood” prices. If you are trying to feed a bunch of kids on a NY vacation, don’t fail to go to Galaxy II.

* Fresh Basil’s, 636 Lexington Ave. @ 55th St. $36 \

An East side Italian Trattoria restaurant. One of my favorite places in NY. They have never failed to please me. But call first because they are closed Sundays.

* Pietrasanta, 683 9th Ave. @ 47th St. $42

The restaurant is located in the old and famous “Hell’s Kitchen” area of the City. Fear not. It’s a good, neighborhood Italian restaurant. You can walk there from the Times Square tourist traps.

* World Cafe, 201 Columbus Ave. @ 69th St. $56

The cuisine is principally Continental with some Northern Africa offerings. Outdoor seating, good food, good service.

* Brooklyn Diner USA, 212 W. 57 St. $60.

No, the Brooklyn Diner is not in Brooklyn. It’s in midtown Manhattan. It is a place for good food and late night, after theatre meals.

* Cosmic Coffee Shop, 7th Ave. @ 56th St. Breakfast. $15

The Cosmic Coffee Shop is not far from Columbus Circle and Central Park South. A great place to go for reasonably good food and FAST service. For a large family the Cosmos breakfast is a winner.

* Da Rosina, 342 W. 46th St. $38

Da Rosina is a very charming Italian restaurant a short walk from the theatre district. The food and service are very good and a Prixe Fixe dinner for $24 or lunch for $16 in NYC? Give me a break.

* Carmine’s, W. 44th St. just west of Broadway. $30.

Southern Italian, garlicky and HUGE portions. Order one salad and entree’ and split them. That’s what everyone does. But it is usually crowded with a long wait before curtain time. It’s best to go after 8 or 8:30.

* Nocello, 257 W. 55th St. $65.

An Italian menu in close proximity to Columbus Circle and the hotels on Central Park South.

* Cafe Europa, 57th St. and 7th Ave. $40.

An informal atmosphere and the tables are crowded close together (not unusual in NYC), but good food and service. I’d particularly recommend the basil, tomato and cheese omelet for breakfast or brunch.

The disclaimer IWTWIWT,BIMNBTWYGT stand for:
“It Was There When I Went There, But It Might Not Be There When You Go There.’

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