Great Gifts for This Year’s Baby Showers

It is baby season again, and with blooming bellies popping up everywhere, it is time to think about what you will be getting your favorite mother to be! There are so many wonderful gifts out there these days, so why be the one who shows up with the plain pack of unisex onesies? Here are some really great buys that will continue to warm the hearts of the new parents even after the baby is born!

Carters Hand/Foot Print kits are a huge hit. One of the things that new moms and dads want to capture after the birth of their baby is an imprint of their baby’s hand and foot before another second passes and the baby grows. The Carters hand/foot print set comes with a spherical wall hanging, ink pad and easy to follow instructions for stamping the baby’s hand or foot onto the hanging. After the ink dries, you will have a memory to last a lifetime. Very trendy and decorative, I highly recommend this as a baby shower gift! You can find the Carters hand/foot print kit in pink or blue and for less than $15.

Another great gift that you may not have thought of is a baby medicine care kit. These kits are a blessing to new parents. They contain some of the most essential first aid and care products for infants. Most care kits will contain infant tylenol for fevers, Mylicon drops for infants, nasal aspirators for clearing baby’s passages and even diaper rash ointments. They are extremely useful and serve as the new parent’s infant first aid or cold emergency kits. Many parents are so busy collecting the other items such as nursery decor or first layettes and forget about the small things like this. You are sure to be a hero when you bring this to the baby shower. Most infant care kits can be found in the baby department of most stores and cost less than $35, with smaller kits priced under $10.

If you are a music lover, peruse the music department at Walmart or any other favorite store where music is sold. Babies often love gentle lullaby cd’s, and moms can also enjoy the soothing music as she rocks the little one to sleep. Music is a gift that never depreciates and it always a great gift item that is often overlooked.

If you are more of a toy giver, do not overlook the great toys made for infants and toddlers. One of parent’s favorite picks is the Ocean Wonders Aquarium made by Fisher Price. This miniature aquarium fits right on the crib railing and is an instant hit with babies. The Ocean Wonders Aquarium lights up and even plays gentle soothing music with aquatic sounds. There are wonderful little interactive toys on the aquarium too like the happy clam and the spinning starfish. There have been countless raves about this super product and the new parents will appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the Ocean Wonders Aquarium. You can find the aquarium at target for $29.99

Gift giving is a very personal act. Hopefully these great products will inspire you. Whatever you are giving, give with love and excitement. If all else fails, you can always surprise the mom to be with a gift card to her favorite store where she can make her own purchase for her baby.

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