Hair Extensions: An Easy Way to Add Style to Your Hair

See what hair extensions can do for you. They’re not just for glamorous evenings out anymore. Nor, are they just for celebrities. Today, salons are offering ways to use extensions, or, you can learn to add them yourself. However, it’s usually easier to let your hair stylist work with the extensions; it can be difficult and rather frustrating to do your own. Also, not all beauticians are able to work well with the extensions; ask for referrals and check them out. This is not a cheap investment in your look and you’ll want your new look to look natural.

Want to highlight a part of your hair? and not sure how you’ll like it? Add an extension instead. Then, if you do like it, you can have it done permanently. It’s a great way to try out various shades of color to find the one which complements your complexion and hair color the best. And, a great way to add something “spectacular” or “ghoulish” for that Halloween costume or other special event.

Make your hair thicker by weaving in slightly wavy extensions under fine hair to give your hair a thicker look and feel.

Growing out bangs? It seems to take forever but you can take strands of hair extensions and weave them into the area about three inches above your ears and style them to make the growing out phrase easier.

Have long hair – instantly. You can get extensions to over 25″ in length and you’ll have that long, swinging, sexy hair that men like to see on women.

Get a really bad haircut? An accomplished hair stylist can remedy that situation by weaving hair extensions with your own hair so know one can tell you’ve wearing a hair extension.

If you’ve completed chemotherapy and your hair has grown out to about four inches, you can have extensions added which will give you a great look while your own locks grow out.

There are two basic types of hair extensions. The first are individual extensions which work best with straight hair, silky hair, fine hair or slightly wavy hair. A good stylist can add them so they’ll look very natural with the movement of your hair. About 18-20 extensions need to be weaved with the natural hair and then secured at their base with a superfine, high strength thread. Although some stylists like to use bonding glue, it’s suggested you don’t allow this because it can damage your natural hair.

The second kind of extensions are wefts. They are groups of extensions attached to a band. These are heavier and bulkier than the individual ones but they are superb for extending length and/or adding height to medium-to-thick textured hair. They’re attached by sewing them directly onto “tracts” (horizontal braids) fashioned from your own hair. The wefts lay under your natural hair, horizontally against your scalp.

The best extensions are customized just for you. They should be chosen and customized to fit your facial structure, needs and lifestyle. They should be flattering in length, texture, shape and color. You need to be sure the look you select suits you well.

Extensions made of 100% human hair make the best extensions. If you have very straight or silky hair, some beauticians prefer to add in a little synthetic hair because its coarser texture lets it adhere more easily to the natural hair.

Once you’re had the extensions added to your hair, they’re, well, your own hair. But, a more delicate hair which needs to be well cared for. No teasing please and no hard tugging either. Use milder products on your hair and when you shampoo, use gentle wiggling motions and travel down towards of end of your hair. It’s good to use conditioner but please use just on the middle and ends of your hair; if used at the base, it might loosen the carefully woven in strands of hair. When towel drying, squeeze gently to remove the moisture. Before you brush your hair, run your fingers through the hair extensions and use a soft bristled hairbrush. Tie you hair back when exercising, participating in rough sports and sleeping. If well-cared for, they can last upwards of three months.

Now, go and have a great hair day!

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