Halloween Costumes for Under $10 Each

Do your kids want a super cool costume for this Halloween? Are you running low on cash? You don’t have to go out and buy a costume for Halloween to keep your kids from being ashamed when they go trick or treating. Remember places like Goodwill, Salvation Army, other second hand stores and various consignment shops have great deals. Why pay a ton of money for something that will probably only be worn once.


Professional Athlete. Whether your child loves baseball, football, or aspires to be the next Tiger woods, you can find appropriate attire at Goodwill. Get a jersey, athletic pants and a baseball cap and they will look like they belong on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Cowboy. All this one takes is a pair of jeans, a western-themed shirt (blue denim will also work) and a cowboy hat. If you really wanna add something special to this one, get a pair of boots or other western assessories. Even though real cowboys wore a gun on their hip, resist the tempation to let your little boy strap on a six shooter. That’s just asking for trouble in today’s society.

Doctor. It’s usually pretty easy to find medical smocks. Get one of those and maybe even a surgical mask and you are done.

Rapper. Give them some baggy pants, an old t-shirt and some fake jewlery to put around their neck and they will look the part.

Soldier. It’s not hard to find some camoflogue items. Maybe swing for a fake dog tag.


Princess. Put her in a nice dress and buy a tiara and she’ll be ready for trick or treating.

College student. Smart is definately in these days. Put her in nice clothes and give her a backpack. She’ll be at the top of the class.

Doctor. Hey. women make great doctors. Put her in medical smocks and a surgical mask and she will be ready to operate.

Ballerina. This is another easy one. The proper dress and the right shoes and she will look the part.

Athlete. Don’t be afraid to let her be an athlete this Halloween. If she likes sports, suggest this one. She’ll be a hit and it will be easy on you.

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