Hard Curl Gel is Soft on Your Hair

If your curly head of hair is fresh out of the shower or hasn’t been shampooed in a few days, Garnier Fructis’ Hard Curl Gel does the job no matter what your curly mane has on its mind. Whether you want to define your curls before bringing out the diffuser or just give your waves a touch-up, this product will do whatever your hair desires.

As a female who struggles with her curly hair on a daily basis, I had tried enough products on my hair to make me cut it short and grow it all over again. It has been almost four years since I chopped it all off, and while I regret it now, the great product search ended once I discovered Garnier’s Fructis line.

Garnier Fructis offers a wide variety of products for all hair types, but if you have curly hair, give this line a shot. Using the Hard Curl Gel on its own will provide you with soft curls that last throughout the day. The product seems to work best on just-out-of-the-shower damp hair, but it can be used on dry hair to give curls a little boost after a hard day of humidity and other elements.

The Hard Curl Gel is unlike other gels. When curls are treated to gel, they often become dried out and crunchy. While this product totes the “crunchy” look, curls look healthy and soft to the touch when using just a bit of the gel. If you want the “crunchy” look and feel, use as much of the gel as you desire. Using the gel alongside other Garnier Fructis styling products, such as Full Control Hairspray, leaves curls bouncy and looking their best. If you like the wet look of curls, this gel is your new best friend.

Garnier prides this line on being made with fruit micro-waxes. An apple a day may keep the doctor away, and a little of this gel will keep frizz and flyaways at bay. Unlike other gels, the Hard Curl Gel keeps it promise to keep hair frizz-free. As a native Floridian who still calls the Sunshine State home, I have met frizz since I embraced my curly hair at the age of 14. Frizz is now a stranger to me since my use of Fructis products.

So at what price do you have to pay to get gorgeous curls? There is no need to head to your favorite salon to fork out a bundle for this product, or any other Garnier product for that matter. The Hard Curl Gel can be found at your local drug store or retail store (think Target) for as little as $2.50 a bottle. And if you want to save just a little more, you can often find a coupon for the line in your Sunday newspaper.

Garnier’s entire Fructis line is offered up in attractive green packaging with fun styling directions. The company’s Web site also provides plenty of details about the products, with suggestions of which products work best with each other and videos on how to obtain a certain style for any hair type. For more information, visit the official Fructis line Web site at http://www.garnierfructis.com.

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