Hawaiian Themed Lampshade

Take a trip to the islands with this fun and unique Hawaiian themed lampshade! Not only is it simple to create, this shade is perfect for teenage bedrooms and tropical themed spaces alike.

For this project, you will need:

– A lampshade

– Grass cloth wallpaper (available at your local home improvement store)

– Three packages of Sandylion “Hawaii” laser cut stickers (available in stores or online at Tropical Scrapbooking)

– Other Hawaii themed scrapbook die cuts, stickers, or papers

– Mod Podge

– Hot glue gun with glue sticks

– Two or three plastic Hawaiian leis

– Scissors

Make sure the lampshade you are starting with is dust and dirt free before beginning. Measure the grass cloth wallpaper around the circumference of the lampshade. Cut a piece of the wallpaper to fit around the shade. Secure the grass paper to the shade firmly using the hot glue gun. Allow the hot glue to dry.

Attach shapes from the Sandylion “Hawaii” laser cut stickers packages to your lampshade using Mod Podge. Space the flowers several inches apart. Add the hula girls and palm trees. Create a pattern. Use as many, or as little as you like. If you are using additional scrapbook items on your shade, add them now.

Cut each of the Hawaiian leis in half. Arrange around the edge of the shade as a border. Make sure each of the ends are tucked in well and do not show. Carefully adhere with the hot glue gun, and allow the shade to dry. Use with a favorite color coordinating lamp, or create your own by adding matching details from the shade directly onto the lamp itself.

TIP: Be creative with your Hawaiian decorations! Many websites (such as Tropical Scrapbooking) cater to Hawaiian and tropical themed papers and prints, which can be very useful with this project. Add acrylic paint or even spray paint the grass wallpaper for a colorful touch. Consider adding flip flops, flowers, hibiscus, palm trees, words, phrases, postcards, sunsets… anything goes!

Also, if you have a favorite vacation photo you can customize this shade very easily, Simply have your local copy center print off a laser color copy of a favorite photo and adhere using Mod Podge. (It is important to use laser copies, as these will not bleed when used with decoupage medium.) The only limit on this project is truly your imagination, so be artistic!

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