Healthy Vending Machines – Healthy Snacks in Vending Machines

With over a third of Americans suffering from obesity, the nation is self-reflecting on why, and how, this happened. Obesity results in an extra $190 billion a year, in medical spending. With improvements in technology, a new wave of vending machines has entered the scene – promising healthy snacks, and inches off your waistline. Many of these healthier vending machines are including low-sugar variations of snacks, organic products, and even gluten-free items.

There are a number of competitors who have entered the scene, including Fresh Healthy Vending, H.U.M.A.N Healthy Vending, and other lesser known companies. The most noteworthy, being Fresh Healthy Vending – who has managed to convince investors it’s product is noteworthy. Most recently, Fresh Healthy Vending went public, operating under the stock symbol VEND. With thousands of machines, Fresh Healthy Vending is showing evidence that healthy vending machines are poised for great success. As more and more people become health conscious, they are looking for healthier alternatives. According to Nick Yates, VP of Corporate Operations, “There is so much opportunity since the concept has been well accepted.”

Healthy Vending Machines have so far been dominated by a franchise model, where companies like H.U.M.A.N. and Fresh Healthy Vending sell franchises, to franchise owners. The franchisees, are assisted by their parent company in getting placements of the vending machines. Locations like YMCA’s, Schools, and Businesses, are ideal places for healthy vending machines.

The USDA’s “Smart Snacks In Schools,” rules and regulations, a landmark change, has encouraged schools to wrap out traditional, unhealthy, vending machines, with healthier variations from HUMAN and Fresh.

By giving their employees healthier alternatives, business owners are realizing that employees function better, thereby serving the best interests of the company. There is no better opportunity, than now, to invest in healthy vending machines.

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