Help! I’m Dating a Sagittarius!

Dating relationships can be challenging and yet enjoyable. For many, the excitement of dating, and building a relationship lies within the process of understanding the physical, spiritual and emotional aspect of the Sagittarius personality type. Understanding the basic level at which a Sagittarius personality type thinks, feels and, consequently, acts, will enable the relationship with a Sagittarius personality to grow into a more happy and healthy commitment.

Traditionally, the Sagittarius personality type is free spirited. Often moving from location to location, the Sagittarius personality will frequently travel internationally and may even live in international locations. Traditionally enjoying the outdoors, the Sagittarius personality type will adapt well in most situations and often looks at the positive impact of life while remaining enthusiastic and stimulating.

Non-conservative in thought, the Sagittarius personality type is open to all thoughts and views of the world. Constantly seeking spiritual growth, the Sagittarius personality type often finds unhappiness in situations with conservative or possessive personalities. Because of this, Sagittarius types are often seeking to expand their horizons and fight for justice of the poor.

Athletic and healthy is the Sagittarius! When dating a Sagittarius personality, be prepared for physically demanding activities with very little time for rest and relaxation. As the Sagittarius type often finds boredom in the idle time of the day, they often seek constant stimulation. Extreme sports are quite common elements of the Sagittarius personality’s adventures of life. In the professional environment, Sagittarius types often work well in positions where they are free to work at their own speed and accountability.

Free spirited, the Sagittarius personality type is honest and is often seen smiling even in a situation of adversity. Often unconventional in the approach to a relationship, the Sagittarius personality type will stick to a basic moral standard often leading to deception in relationships.

In love, the Sagittarius personality type will act on impulse and rarely enjoys the confines of a committed relationship. When faced with boredom in a committed relationship, the Sagittarius personality type is often found engaging in affairs. Possessiveness and jealousy are not positive dating characteristics on which a Sagittarius personality will thrive. When dating a Sagittarius, the relationship should be free, open and constantly on a move; always planning the next adventure. Often considered social adventurers, the Sagittarius personality type rarely limits social networks to two or three individuals. In fact, the opposite is true in that the Sagittarius personality type will generally be the core of a large social network, appreciating the bigger picture of life and often missing the details of the individuals involved.

Sagittarius personality types are loving, kind hearted and make excellent dating partners. When dating a Sagittarius personality type, however, be mindful of the never ending desire to take risks and the inability to become stable in one location. Appreciate the versatility and spirituality of the Sagittarius, and the relationship will be an interesting experience.

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