Help Your Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer Get Along

Most people have probably heard of situations where a wedding photographer and videographer did not get along together during a wedding assignment. When a couple is in the process of getting married, they may not ever have been aware that their photographer and videographer were arguing with each other the entire time. Both the videographer and photographer are vying for a chance to shoot the wedding without one getting in the way of the other. Disagreements and lack of planning between the two vendors can lead to not only an embarassing confrontation between the videographer and photographer, but it can also result in bad and untimely photographs and video shots. What can a couple do to help the photographer and videographer get along and work together smoothly during your wedding?

Before you hire your photographer and videographer, look and see how long both vendors have been working in the business. The longer a vendor has been working, the more experience they have working with other vendors. When going through the interview process, ask the vendor how they work alongside other vendors. Get a feel of whether or not your photographer hates working with videographers and if the attitude is the same the other way around. You definitely do not want to hire people that are not going to get along with others. This can really be a recipe for disaster.

When you do hire your photographer and videographer, make sure that they contact each other and get to know one another. Most couples are suprised that in most cases, the first time that a photographer and videographer will speak to one another is on the wedding day. Let them get the feel for each other’s styles and preferences for covering a wedding. This will help them create a comfortability between each other.

Make an itinerary for your day, and make sure that your photographer and videographer receive it at least a week before the wedding. Any special events, locations, or activities that the couple and the families will do during the wedding day must be in the itinerary. If there are any questions about the itinerary, they can be anwered before the wedding day. Staying on the wedding interary schedule will alleviate stress to not only the couple but also the vendors.

Any specific rules or restrictions pertaining to shooting at a particular location must be discussed with your videographer and photographer. If a church is only allowing your vendors to shoot at specific spots inside the location, the photographer and videographer must discuss these issues between each other before they arrive at the event to assure they don’t get in the way of each other.

And just a small side tip…

Make sure your photographer and videographer are given priority to shoot your wedding over friends and family members that may have brought cameras as well. Remember, you are paying a lot of money for these people to shoot your wedding. Let the professionals handle it.

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