Helping Lactose Intolerant Children

You may be thinking about switching your child over to cow’s milk. If you are thinking about starting to make this change you will want to make sure that it is done gradually. But many parents are concerned about whether or not their child has any type of milk allergy. First of all you will definitely want to wait until your child is at least one year old before you even think of giving them regular milk.

There are several different types of milk that you can try. For example soy milk and non-pasteurized milk. Most of these you can get at any health food store. It is also possible that your child is allergic to one of the chemicals in the milk. So organic milk may definitely be better. A lot of kids however do not like the taste of soy milk. As long as your child is getting their daily supply of calcium from other sources like broccoli and cheese then there is really nothing to worry about.

Many doctors seem to think that milk allergies can be caused by something that is added to the pasteurization process. You could also think about 2% milk instead of whole milk, it may be a little easier on your child’s tummy. Many pediatricians say that children being allergic to milk has become a very common thing. Your child’s pediatrician may also be able to suggest some type of supplement that can be taken prior to them drinking milk. Try not to stress to much about it. The majority of children do grow out of it.

Pediatricians also recommend giving your child organic yogurt and cheese since they are usually a lot easier on your child’s stomach. Two very common symptoms are diarrhea and of course throwing up. If you had an allergy when when you were a child then it is possible that your child can too. You will definitely want to consider taking your child to an allergist. It could also be possible that your child is lactose intolerant, which means that all dairy products will have some negative affect on them.

Lactose Intolerance actually refers to the body’s inability to digest lactose, with is the predominant sugar in milk. In order to be absorbed into the bloodstream, lactose must be broken down into glucose and galactose. The problem is that after infancy the body produces less lactose. This deficiency of lactose can cause many to become lactose intolerant. When a person ingest’s lactose, such as by drinking milk, the bacteria converts it into lactic acid and carbon dioxide. It will usually only take about 30 minutes, for the first typical symptoms to set in, such as cramps, bloating and diarrhea.

Some people may not be aware that they are lactose intolerant and may try to soothe the stomach with more milk. Of course this will only make the problem much worse. How severe this problem is does vary from person to person. Some people can drink a small glass of milk and have no side affects at all, but for others even the smallest amount will cause symptoms to occur. You will also want to keep in mind that while the symptoms of lactose intolerance can be very uncomfortable, they are very rarely dangerous. There are several tests that they will probably give your child in order to find out exactly what the problem is .

The Lactose Tolerance Test, requires the person to fast, after which they will drink a liquid that contains lactose. Blood samples are then taken to determine how well the lactose is being digested. The Stool Acidity Test is done by testing a sample of the persons stool. The Undigested lactose in the colon produces acids that can be detected in the stool sample. All of these test are usually performed on an outpatient basis.

If your child’s doctor has confirmed that your child is lactose intolerant or that they have a milk allergy, then you should make sure to check all of the food they you buy for them. For example foods that contain milk and even some prepared foods like cake, and salad dressing can cause problems. Make it a point to check the nutrition labels on all of the products that you purchase.

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