Homeschool Class of 2011: College and Job Entry May Be Difficult

As the popularity of homeschooling increases, it occurs to me that when my first child graduates, he will not have the same automatic privileges that the homeschool class of 2006 had enjoyed. I am currently acquainted with several recent homeschool graduates who have been accepted into great jobs, and colleges immediately upon homeschool graduation.
However, when my son graduates (probably in 2011), he will have some serious competition. Today’s homeschool graduation ceremonies boast 9 kids per ceremony, but in five years it could be as many as 90 -900 kids per ceremony, at the rate homeschooling is growing.

In five years, homeschoolers will have increased to such a number as to cause stiff competition among each other.

It makes me wonder if I need to be more academic and goal driven with my kids to make sure that they are the best of the best. Fortunately, common sense rears its head. One of the major reasons we are homeschooling is so the kids can learn in a relaxed atmosphere without the pressure of excess competition. I am homeschooling to let them shine in their own God given way. I tell myself this as I let the panic fade and relax into another day.

However, with more and more homeschoolers joining the ranks every year, I know we cannot rest on our laurels and trust that the kids will be unique (like current homeschoolers) and therefore an asset to the colleges and professions of their choice. In actuality, they may be a dime a dozen, just like everyone else.

As homeschooling parents we need to make sure our kids retain an academic edge.

So as homeschoolers planning to continue until college, what can we do to guarantee our children an edge as homeschoolers? If you know what colleges are looking for, you should not have any problems.

When considering homeschoolers for college admission, your child needs to stand out as a leader and not a follower, so be sure to provide many leadership opportunities as possible for your child. Look for opportunities in camp counseling, leading scout troops, and leading peer groups as well.

Colleges are also looking for Students who are enthusiastic about their direction is life. Get your child to talk and dream about their future direction in life from a young age, so that by the time they are ready for college, they have interned in some of their interests, and tested the water. This way they can speak intelligently and enthusiastically about their future direction.

Colleges are seeking well-rounded individuals. While we know homeschooling allows your child to focus on what he or she loves best, be sure to provide an adequate amount of balance in their lives. This balance should include athletic, artistic, academic, and political endeavors.

Keeping accurate records of your childrens accomplishments will go a long way.

The good news is that many of the items colleges want to see are things in which most homeschoolers already participate. So the most important thing you can do to guarantee college entry is to record everything. Use a scrapbook, a file folder, or any creative means you can find to take note off all of your child’s activities. If you can show that your child is a well-rounded, balanced leader, then you will ensure your homeshooled child’s entry into the college of their choice.

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