Hosting a Successful Karaoke Pary is Easy

There is nothing worse than karaoke that goes bad. Two of the most common problems are (1)low attendance and (2)people who are afraid to get up and sing. It can happen to anyone, but don’t worry. You can reduce your chances of this happening to you by making your karaoke event more people friendly.

To eliminate a problem, we must first understand why the problem exists. We want to know why people do not attend and why those that do are not singing.

Why do I have low attendance?
People are often shy about singing in front of others. Many fear they will not perform well enough and others fear it because they have never experienced it before. These are natural fears and quite common. Luckily, they are not impossible to overcome. A friendly and supportive karaoke dj can make the experience more fun and decrease fears. The atmoshere can make a huge difference too. Some people prefer a family atmoshere like you would find at a family billiard. Others prefer a more adult atmosphere offered at a bar. Determine who you want to attend before you pick a location. Once people start attending, word of mouth will help increase your numbers. Friends tell friends and soon you have large groups of people wanting to join in.

Why aren’t people singing?
People sing the songs they know and like. It is very important that you offer a wide variety of music. No one music slection will satisfy an entire group. People who are not singing may be afraid that they will not know the songs being offered. Another reason may be the initial fear of singing in front of others. This is when a good dj can make the difference. Some people need encouragement. It’s always good to offer duets and group songs. This helps people who want to sing feel more comfortable. They can sing without the worry of being the only one singing. Afterall, the main goal of karoake is to have a good time singing and having fun with friends.

Word of warning:
We have become a society overwhelmed by American Idols and people trying to be stars. Please don’t make your karaoke event a talent show. Let those television shows take care of that. Offer a comfortable environment for everyone to get up and have fun and it will be fun. Not everyone will be music to your ears, but it’s important to enjoy every aspect of karaoke.

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