How to Add Fake Fur Pieces to Clothes and Accessories

Fake fur can be easily added to all sorts of clothing and accessories to save you money. Clothing with fur trim is much more expensive than ordinary garments. You can find fur in all types of colors and patterns at a fabric shop. While there, purchase fabric glue, the type that won’t wash out when laundered. The fabric glue works great on fake fur and is so easy to use.

Decide on what area of the garment you’ll attach the fur. For a fur-trimmed collar measure the existing collar and cut the fur that shape and size. Glue or sew the fur onto the collar area. For fur cuffs Measure around the wrist opening of the shirt or coat. Allow an extra inch on each side.

Align the ends of the fur piece together, forming a loop, then glue or sew ends together. Turn the fur piece inside out and slip it over the cuff of the shirt or coat. Align the edge of the shirt cuff to the edge of the fur and glue or stitch into place. When glue is dry turn the fur right-side out. This technique makes the sleeve longer than it was previously. To add fur to cuffs without extending the length slide the fur circle, without turning it inside-out, onto the cuff and stitch or glue into place.

Coats that unzip or unbutton all the way down are easy when adding fur to the bottom. Cut the fur piece long enough to go around the hem of the coat or shirt but add an extra two inches on each end. Pin the fur into place to keep it straight while affixing it. Wrap the ends around the shirt or coat edge to hide the raw edges of the fur end. Glue or sew the fur into place.

To wrap fur around boots use the fabric glue instead of stitchery. Cut the fur piece and sew or glue the ends together. Turn the cuff right side out and slip over the top edge of boot. Glue into place. It’s helpful to use a small comb to arrange the fur after gluing process.

Try cutting pocket-shaped fur pieces and adding them to a purse or coat. Use strips of fur to glue to a belt and make it appear totally different. Fur looks cute on young girls outfits and accessories, too. Cut the shape of an animal out of coinciding fur to attach to purse, back of coat, or side of boot.

Add fur pieces to a little girl’s hat or make the hat easily out of fur. Cut a circle with a diameter only slightly larger than that of the child’s head. Use a stiff fabric and cut it in a circle then attach it to the bottom of the fur circle. Cut a band from fur and one from stiff material. The width of the band can be determined by measuring, from the side of the head, from top of head to eye area. The band should be long enough to go around the circle of fur and have several inches left over.

Attach the fur band and the stiff fabric band together by placing the two pieces right sides together and sewing or gluing one long end. Turn wrong sides together when glue is dry. Sew or glue the ends together then attach the band to the perimeter of the fur circle. As you’re putting the band on make a pucker in the band, every few inches, all the way around. This will cause the band to flare out rather than hang straight down over the face.

Fur pieces give dimension to many different objects. Place a small wad of cotton or pillow stuffing under the fur piece before attaching it to give it even more depth. Comb the fur away from the edges and use fabric colors to outline the fur piece. Comb it back after paint has dried well.

Cut a small animal shape from fur and sew or glue together, leaving a small opening for stuffing. At the top place a small piece of yarn or cord, in the head area, to use for a hanger. Turn and stuff the animal then seal shut. Slide a key ring through the cord to use for a key chain. Attach fur pieces to coats, shirts, pant cuffs, back pockets, collars, purses, belts and backpacks. It’s easy and adds flare to any piece.

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