How to Ask a Woman Out on a Date

Dating is a touchy and scary things for many of us; but the scarier things than the actualy date is getting the date. You might ask yourself, how do I do that? How do I approach a nice young lady and have the confident to ask her out? There is one guarntee way that is simple and assuring. Think of her as a new friend!

Yes I know it sounds crazy but think about it. If you wasn’t attractive to a woman she’s a friend right? So why can’t the woman you are attracted to you be a friends as well or even a best friend. Women loves the word friendship. Eighty percent of women don’t want to think they being complicated on because their boobs are big. They like friendship and conservation. When you approach a woman for the first time that you like you may get nervous and words start to become edgy. Well, that’s because you thinking she’s real pretty. When you walk up to a new upcoming friend you’re more likely to talk smooth and conversation more fluently; that’s because you have no intention. i’m saying you not having any intention just trick your mind. You trick your mind into liking your boss everytime he walks by you in the morning or your next door neighbor for about 5 years of your life. Why can’t you trick your mind into you having no intention for at least a 10 minute conversation?

With a woman that’s your friend you don’t use any corny pick up line like “God must have made you especially for me”. You go up the friend and say “Good morning. How are you doing today? You’re looking very lovely. What are you doing for lunch or dinner? Do you want to get a bite to eat later? If you like I could pick you up from your house if needed.” That’s a date right there. How you take it on the date is base on your actions and movement. Most women are very kind hearted and wouldn’t take your request to be alarming but rather cute. Cuteness works. Cuteness could take you to the door way on the first night.(Not guarntee inside the house.) It’s simple to be cute just hold a good conservation, listen and tell a small joke here and there.

If woman believes in the “best friend rule” it’s a little more complicated. First, the best friend rule is she doesn’t date a guy unless their friends first. When she believe that turn her into your best friend. To get a woman you have to be two steps ahead of her. With you already thinking and treating the woman as just a friend you might grasp the confident for this one very quickly. Woman needs to be secure and needs to be wanted. It’s like supply and demand; she demands your feelings you give it to her ten times than she expects. She wants to go out to lunch with her friends and invite you; kindly take the invatation once in a while to show her that you notice and care for her company. Eventually you could simply say ” I would like it if we would of went out to lunh or dinner, alone and talk about a few things. I stress the alone because when a woman believes you and her a best friend, she likes and don’t mind the companion of her others friends. So please remember the alone part.

Friendship is the key fellas. I’m not saying to make the woman you’re attracted into a friend but to trick your mind into believing that she is so her attracting at the moment won’t be greatly intense. Just mellow out and show some confident, self-esteem and you should be fine. Friendship goes alone way; why don’t you take that friendship and turn it into a realtionship.

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