How to Beat Candy Crush Saga Level 350

If you are addicted to Candy Crush Saga from King Games chances are you have been stuck on a couple levels for days, if not weeks or months. I was almost ready to throw in the towel when I spent over three weeks trying to beat level 350. Not only do you have to clear blocks and bricks but there are two timed bombs that are released from the side pieces when the bricks are cleared.

If you have the chance to get extra lives and Lollipop Hammers from playing other King Games, do not pass up the chance to do so. In most cases you will only need to play to the seventh or ninth level of a game like Bubble Witch Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, Pepper Panic and other games. The lives aren’t a hue perk but the Lollipop Hammers will clear one layer of jelly / candy when used. You can use one or more of these per level so if you only need to clear one more jelly and are completely frustrated with a level that is an option.

Level 350 is tricky; you get a lot of moves to complete it but you will tear trough them trying to make vertical and horizontal striped candies to explode bte bombs before they detonate. I tried a couple of different methods including only clearing the center pieces then leaving the edges ones for last. If you still have fifteen or moves then that could work but you need to be mindful of the timed bombs. If you only have nine moves left and the timer shows 9 moves until it explodes then don’t waste your time or moves trying to detonate it.

Using the combo bombs (a striped and wrapped piece of candy) on the bottom two rows of the board can really help but you are going to want to see the path in which the blast is going to travel. If you have it to the left or the right of the middle of the screen it could loosen the timed bombs and get them to drop on to the screen. I managed to clear the board after about three weeks of trying and only had two moves left; I only got one star for the level and even though I usually try to get the maximum score to get three stars it will be a long, long time before I try to beat it again.

If you have friends that play Candy Crush Saga they can send you lives as well as boosters that give you three extra moves. You have to select that booster before you start the level and any boosters that are sent to you do not carry over when you start a new level. For Level 350 the extra three moves booster was a little useless because you pretty much know if you have a fighting chance to clear the board within the first fifteen moves. You can purchase boosters that will give you swimming fish (they remove one layer of jelly), wrapped and striped candies and the black candy cluster bombs but if you become reliant on them it gets extremely expensive.

If you have the chance to play this on an Android device it is better than a laptop or on an iPhone. If there are no more moves on the board and it automatically shuffles the pieces of candy you will end up losing a move on non-Android devices. As mentioned, once you have played this board ten or fifteen times you will know when you have a chance to beat it and when it will be a waste of time to continue. Level 350 almost broke my of my Candy Crush addiction but eventually I was lucky enough to get combo moves in the right place at the right time.

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