How to Build a Dog Kennel

Building your own dog kennel doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Follow these steps and tips to building your own dog kennel and avoid making common mistakes in the process.

Materials you will need for this project include: concrete mixture, shovel, 4 inch round PVC pipe, screwdrivers, hammer, and dog kennel components. You can find all of these items at a home improvement store, such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. You can also check out the selection of dog kennels you assemble at home at pet stores, such as PetSmart and PetCo.

First, you will want to pick the location in which to place your dog kennel. Be aware that some cities have rules about where and how large your dog kennel is. Some cities also require you to put a dog house inside the kennel to insure your dog has shade. To find out if your city has such regulations, call your county clerk’s office. You will also want to build your dog kennel on higher ground if it is possible so that your dog isn’t swimming in his kennel every time it rains.

Most people recommend using concrete to make the floor of the dog kennel because you can keep it the most sanitary. You can hose down the kennel anytime you need with a concrete floor.

You can find concrete mixtures at stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. Before pouring your concrete floor, decide how long and wide you want your dog kennel to be. It is a good idea to pour the concrete slab with a slight angle, so that when you hose it down, everything will go down the slope and out of the dog kennel. Follow the directions on the package to make your concrete solution and pour according to instructions.

Once the concrete has dried, you will want to dig a trench next to the kennel so that you can place a piece of pipe in it to act as a gutter to catch the dirty water that results when you hose your kennel down. Dig a trench that slopes down and away from the kennel fifteen feet long. Place a 4 in round PVC pipe in the trench in order to collect the feces and debris that runs out of the kennel while cleaning. You can scoop the solid waste out of the pipe and allow the rest to run down the trench and away from your dog’s kennel. This will reduce the smell of urine around the dog kennel and promote sanitation.

Next, you will want to purchase dog kennel components at the store in which to build your kennel. Stores such as PetSmart and Lowe’s sell dog kennels you can assemble yourself at home. This is the easiest and best way to build your dog a kennel. Some individuals choose to make their dog kennels out of chain link fence, but the fence may or may not stand up to different weather conditions. The home assembly dog kennels sold at pet store or home improvement stores are designed to be sturdy and safe for your dog.

Everything you need should come in the dog kennel assembly package. Many dog kennels that allow you to assemble them yourself possess a roof, which will also help provide shade for your dog.

Follow the instructions provided in the package for assembling your dog kennel. Don’t try to take short cuts or skip steps.

Building your own dog kennel is a fun project. Follow these instructions to avoid common mistakes in building your dog a kennel.


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