How to Buy Jeans

Jeans are a staple in the wardrobe of almost every American. Face it, we live in jeans because of their comfort and versatility. Despite our love for jeans, many women will agree that it’s the hardest piece of clothing to shop for, and the fit is crucial. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up over the years for choosing the perfect denim, and making jean buying a lot less stressful.

Trends in jean styles may come and go; for instance, jeans with tapered hems are popular now, you probably know them as “skinny jeans”. They may be the hot silhouette of the moment, but truth is they hardly flatter most figures. Flared and boot cut jeans are still in style and easy to find, so sticking to those is the best bet. The extra width at the hem of jeans accentuates your curves without drawing too much attention to the width of your hips. Besides the hem, the rise of the jeans make a significant impact on the look of your stomach. So, maybe your tummy isn’t exactly a six pack, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, it’s important to know that low rise jeans will only create a visible bulge beneath your clothing, and jeans with a high rise will emphasize the size of your stomach. In other words, look jeans that fall somewhere in the middle; right underneath the belly button is perfect because the waist band works like a control top.

A common misconception among many jeans shoppers is that stretch is works for everyone. Not exactly true. Jeans with 1% or 2% spandex are great for added comfort and a body conscious fit, but they don’t exactly shape your body. Jeans without stretch suck you in, and sort of mold your shape to a certain extent, making them the ideal choice for curvier women. Also, the wash can do a lot to contour your shape. Dark washes always make the wearer appear thinner. Jeans with cross hatching, and a slight fade down the center create the illusion of slim, shapely curves.

Another detail to pay close attention to when choosing a pair of jeans I the pockets, particularly the pockets in the back. The truth is, small pockets on the backside make the rear end appear larger, making them a not so great choice for women who are already blessed in that area. Jeans without pockets on the backside are a major no-no for those trying to make their backside look smaller; without anything to break up the area, it tricks the eye into thinking the area is larger then it really is. Also, pockets that are placed too low on the back of the jeans are a poor choice for just about anyone. Despite the size of your posterior, making them look lifted is preferable to saggy and droopy. Brands such as Blue Cult are even making special butt lifter jeans, which have an L-shaped pocket which creates the illusion of a higher backside. Definitely worth a try, and the extra buck, if it works.

Shopping for jeans doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Just take your time and don’t have any expectations when you look in the mirror. It’s important to try on a variety of styles and shapes from all different designers, because every pair is different; even the sizes under different brand names will differ. With the overabundance of denim makers on the market right now, it’s really us, the consumers who win. By following the tips above you can greatly increase your chance of finding the perfect pair of jeans during your next venture to the mall.

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