How to Clean Your Bedroom Quickly and Efficiently

We’ve all been there. Asking our kids to clean their room is no easy task. Perhaps “asking” is an understatement and “begging”, “demanding”, or “bribing” are more appropriate words. Or maybe you’re having company over and your own bedroom is a disaster. You know they are going to ask for the tour, so here is a quick list to get your room looking spick and span in a jiffy.

It’s been proven that clutter and disorganization adds to stress levels. If you need to de-stress, perhaps tackling that messy bedroom is the first step.

I recently created this list for my kids and the results have been amazing. Say goodbye to the elephant in the china shop and hello to organized and tidy! I even found my husband now uses the techniques outlined here. Printing off the list and checking off each completed step is a great idea. Having a clear set of tasks makes any daunting job a lot easier. Lists work, trust me!

Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Bedroom

Step 1: Make the bed.

Step 2: Place everything that is not in its “Home” (or where it belongs) on the bed. This includes everything from the floor, desks, and counter tops.

Step 3: Place everything that belongs in other rooms outside the bedroom door.

Step 4: Separate dirty laundry from the pile on your bed and bring it to the washing machine.

Step 5: Separate clean clothes. Fold and put them away or hang them.

Step 6: Put everything else in its Home. If it doesn’t have a Home, create one. Solve storage needs by donating, tossing, or purchasing storage bins. By now your bed should be clear and your room should be looking pretty good.

Step 7: Clean all horizontal surfaces with a rag and a surface cleaner. Or Lysol wipes work great!

Step 8: Clean all mirrors with glass cleaner.

Step 9: Sweep or vacuum floor. On your way to the broom or the vacuum cleaner, bring all the stuff outside your door to the appropriate rooms.

Step 10: Check for any additional cleaning. Walls? Spot-clean floor?

Step 11: Do a happy dance! You’re done!

Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? Here’s to an organized, tidy, and less stressful life!

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