How to Create Sand Art

I witnessed a most amazing display online the other night.

A woman was making a picture out of sand by dropping pinches of sand onto a canvas then creating waves, the sun, and ocean balanced with a person sipping a beachside drink.

Every time I thought she was finished she got more extravagant, mixing the swirl of colors into a kaleidoscope of amazement.

Having always been a beach fan and growing up taking trips there that have lasted through adulthood I have discovered there are all kinds of ways to make sand art.

You can make a sand candle by using sand as a mold.

For materials you’ll need:

A gallon of sand
Wick Material
Plate big enough to hold candle

Candle making can be both fun and dangerous.


Put the sand in a large bowl.
Pour water over sand to make it wet.
Make hole in wet sand as big as you want your candle to be.
Place shells around the sides if desired.
Take the smallest shell you can find and tie it to the wick. Put it in the center bottom.
Melt wax in tin can.
Pour wax in sand mold while holding wick up enough to keep it straight.
Hold wick there for about a minute or until the wax has hardened enough for wick to not fall in it.
When it’s hard and cold dig about an inch away from the candle and trench about 6-10 inches deep depending on how big your candle is and then GENTLY pull the candle out.
Put the candles on the plate.

While on vacation this summer take home some sand from the beach.

Try to collect clean, fine sand.

Carefully mix the sand with powder paint. Choose a variety of different colors.

One you have your colored sand made you can carefully pour sand into a glass jar in layers to make a pretty decoration.

Or sketch a pattern or picture on a piece of paper. Carefully apply glue to the sections of your pattern that will be covered with the same color sand. Make a paper funnel and slowly spread the colored sand on the glued areas. Allow the glue to dry and carefully brush away any excess sand. Continue filling in your pattern using only one color of sand at a time.

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