How to Create the Perfect Picture Frame for Your Newborn Baby’s Photo

Baby Shower Frame

Decorate a frame for your future newborn using mementos from your baby shower. You can create this easy frame with the leftover wrapping paper from your gifts. The beautiful wrapping paper with well wishes and baby themes picked out by your guests is the perfect decoration. This is a unique frame only you can make, and that you will cherish for years to come. Collect the materials below to start.

What You’ll Need:
Wooden Frame
Wrapping Paper From Baby Shower
A Nontoxic Decoupage Medium
Sponge Brush

Instructions: Making Your Unique Baby Shower Frame

On the day of your shower, ask a friend to help you save some wrapping paper from each gift as you open them. Have your friend flatten and put any unwrinkled pieces in a safe place for you to use later when making this frame. The pieces do not have to be big. You need enough of each type of wrapping paper to cover a small area on the frame. However, you may want to keep a few extra pieces just in case you need more than you thought, or in case you want to make a second frame. Try to get a piece of wrapping paper from each gift.

After the shower, take out the wrapping paper, picture frame, and other materials. Decide whether you’d like to cut the wrapping paper into bands to layer side by side around your frame, or if you’d rather cut out pictures and pieces of the wrapping paper to decorate the frame. If you decide to use bands of paper, try cutting the bands with a wavy line or a special pair of scissors for a border that’s fun. Cut out the pieces or bands you will need, and arrange them on your frame.

Move the pieces around on the frame until you know where each will go. Trim any pieces that need trimming. Then remove each piece and arrange them in a similar fashion on the table so you can easily remember where each piece belongs.

Glue down your first band or piece by applying some decoupage to the back of the wrapping paper or onto the frame. (Follow the directions on the decoupage medium you purchased if different.) After placing the wrapping paper on the frame, smooth each piece lightly with your finger or a damp sponge brush to get rid of any air bubbles. Then paste down your next piece. Continue, overlapping so that none of the wood shows through until you’ve covered your entire frame. When you are done, brush the entire frame with decoupage to seal. Let the frame dry and brush on a second coat.

Done! You now have the perfect, unique frame in which to place the picture of your newborn.

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