How to Deal with the Behavior of Horrible Co-Workers

Most of us have been there. We have had those co-workers who are absolutely insane idiots, constantly running their mouths about stuff they don’t even know, which puts me to mind a little of Cliff Claven. How do you not let their hateful, idiotic rambling offend you? This article holds a few of the keys to that subject. Remember, co-workers are only there to work… they do not run your life, and you shouldn’t let them.

How to Deal with Horrible Co-Workers: Common Behavior
The worst of the horrible co-workers I have ever come into contact with would be those that are drooling for an opportunity to prove that you are wrong about everything that you believe inâÂ?¦ but they can’t, which only ticks them off and bends them even further out of shape. It is important for you to know that co-workers like these are miserable individuals who can not think for themselvesâÂ?¦ they merely see how one idiot behaves then not only try to mimic the behavior by jumping aboard the bandwagon of whatever retarded notion they might have had and then taking it a step further.

Miserable co-workers who harp on everything you do or say are just jealous that they can not think for themselves and are too lazy to improve their sad and pathetic mental state. I have even heard of some co-workers who insist that people with morals like; do not murder, do not steal, do not commit adultery (you know the foundation for good moral behavior), are all wrong and that all those things are all right to do as often as you’d like. This behavior can really wear on the hard worker. That alone is disturbing on so many different levels.

Another type of co-worker that I hear more and more about are those who are so hypocritical yet pretend that it is everyone else who is EXCEPT for them.

For instance, just a thought pulled out of the air on this one to demonstrate the magnitude of what I mean:
*A person who believes that abortion is a fine idea, and that because the baby is unwanted and unloved it should be destroyed. YET, a person who commits cold blooded murder should NOT get put to death for the crimes.
So, basically it is alright to sentence a baby to death if it is unwanted but not okay to sentence a murderer to death for killing innocent victims when they are unwanted by society.

I know it makes no senseâÂ?¦ remember; the horrible co-worker will never miss an opportunity to jump up to try and justify this behavior the first chance that they get. Hypocrisy is fine where they are concerned but is a crime if they view the same behavior by ayone else. They will always point the finger claiming the same outrageous bull – – if the co-worker they know to be right places them over the hot spot and they know that they can not win intelligently.

How to Deal with Horrible Co-Workers: The Best Tip
So, how do you deal with bottom feeding morons like the co-workers that I have just described? EASY, ignore themâÂ?¦. At all costs. If they are poisoning people around the job place start a campaign of sorts and get everyone to ignore them. If there is more than one horrible co-worker, then you simply leave them to their own devices, miserable people flock together like animals, so treat the herd like you would cattleâÂ?¦. Don’t devote time or energy to them, instead let them ‘moo’ at each other and realize that this is the extent of their intelligence.

How to Deal with Horrible Co-Workers: Conclusion
So, my fellow good hard-working individualsâÂ?¦ get out there and do your stuff. Don’t let lunatics drag you into their delusions of grandeur. The fact is, that people who are this unstable and may have serious mental conditions could be dangerous to your health. When others start realizing this fact you do not want to be associated with them, in any way shape or form.

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