How to Handle Morning Sickness

Morning sickness got you down? (Or should I say, keeled over the toilet vomiting profusely with a raging headache?) There are several ways to handle morning sickness misery when dealing with a rough pregnancy!

Relief Method #1: Prenatal Vitamins
Some women dealing with morning sickness have trouble swallowing (and keeping down) these pills that could easily make a horse gag! Discuss different options with your doctor. The most important thing for the baby’s brain development is Folic Acid. Perhaps changing your diet or taking a Folic Acid supplement will be easier for you.

Relief Method #2: Eating
Morning sickness may make you want to swear off food for life. However, it is crucial you do not deprive your empty stomach (or the baby!) Stick with the most basic, bland foods in your house. Toast, oatmeal, crackers, etc� are all great examples. It also helps to stick with a bunch of small snacks throughout the day instead of eating three big meals. This helps your stomach handle and digest the food easier.

Relief Method #3: Ginger
Ginger is known as a long time remedy for nausea and morning sickness. For those of you who can not handle the spicy, yet sweet, taste of ginger cookies or teas; try taking a Ginger Root supplement found in any Vitamin section of the grocery store. As always, it is smart to talk to your doctor before taking any supplements!

Relief Method #4: Sleep, Sleep, and More Sleep!
You can never get too much sleep when you are suffering with the aches and pains of pregnancy’s morning sickness. (Although for some people it can be better known as Afternoon, Evening, or Middle of the night Sickness!) Sleep is THE BEST relief. Well, at least it keeps your mind off how sick you feel! Whether it is for five minutes or five hours, taking naps throughout the day is crucial! If you are a stay-at-home-mom, invest in a babysitter to come watch your kids while you get your rest. If you are a career woman, find a way to escape your job for a few minutes, a few times each day, to rest up. Getting substantial sleep is important to you and your baby no matter how bad your morning sickness is!

As any textbook or physician will tell you, there is no solid cure for the dreaded morning sickness. These Relief Methods are only suggestions from personal experience! It is always a good idea to discuss your own personal symptoms with your physician because there are prescriptions that can be given for severe cases.

The most important thing to remember, though, is that having a rough pregnancy and horrible morning sickness does not mean you are going to have a rough delivery! So if at all possible, even if the morning sickness is unbearable, remember it will not last forever. The second your baby looks you in the eye, you will realize it is ALL worth it!

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