How to Help Your Child Start Their Own Book Club

Many parents are often trying to think of ways to get their young children more interested in books. Well have you ever considered helping your child to start their own book club? Why not if Oprah can do it then so can your child. Following are a few guides that you can follow to help your child get started.

1. Create invitations to invite their friends to the first book club meeting. What you can do is create your own flyer style invitations right on your home computer and invite their classmates to their first book club.

2. Have your child come up with a creative name for the book club. Instead of you coming up with a name for the book club why not encourage your child to think of one. You will also want to avoid them using their own name for the club. Some other’s may not like this idea and may not want to join.

3. Choose at least two or three books for your first meeting. In the invitations that you send out to your child’s friends you will want to include at least two books that they will have to read. Make sure that you allow them enough time to read the books, possibly about three weeks.

4. Limit book club meetings to once a month. You will not want to schedule these meeting every week, since children will need adequate time to read and understand the books.

5. Provide snacks and beverages. Since you are dealing with children you should provide a small snack and a beverage. Try to avoid snacks that are too sweets and full of sugar. It would really be a good idea to provide a healthy snack. This is also something that the parents are sure to appreciate.

6. Have your child help you to make small goodie bags. To be a little more creative you can put the snack into a decorative goodie bag. You can even try to make your snack and goodie bag matches the theme of your books.

7. Plan out questions that your child can ask prior to the meeting. Have your child write out the points that they found most interesting about the book. Then other children can comment on it. It may also be a good idea to rotate between the children who get to ask the first set of questions to be fair.

8. Watch a movie that goes along with the book. If there is a movie that goes along with the book like “Lion King” then you could show the movie for book night.

These are just a few suggestions on how you can help not only your child but other children in your community and schools appreciate books and reading. It may even be possible to plan group outings with the children that go along with one of the books they are reading for the month. This is especially a fun activity during the summer months, when most kids just sit in front of the television and play video games.

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