How to Increase Your Fertility Using Feng Shui

There are a number of different things you can do to increase your fertility using Feng Shui. While Feng Shui should never be a replacement for medical care, it can and should be an extra layer to your routine in your search for fertility.

Your Bed

Your bed is one of the first items to take note of when trying to increase your fertility using Feng Shui. While it sounds strange particularly since part of Feng Shui practices say to clean, you should not disturb the space beneath your bed for the entire period of time you are trying to conceive and while you are pregnant. If you are one of those people who regularly sweeps the dust bunnies from beneath your bed, you’ll need to learn restraint. Also, keep the area under your bed free from clutter, the idea is to not disturb the energy under and around your bed, as it needs to be able to circulate particularly beneath you while you are sleeping.

The Front Door

Believe it or not, your front door plays a part in how to increase your fertility using Feng Shui You want to make sure there is nothing blocking your front door. That can mean something as innocuous as a tree, or plants to the sides of your front door which are overgrown and partially blocking it. It can also mean that you’ve parked your car on the street and it is blocking the energy to your front door. Whatever the block is do your best to remove it. A clear clean flow of chi in the path of your front door will help you to increase your fertility using Feng Shui.

Poison Arrows

The term “poison arrows” when relating to how to increase your fertility using Feng Shui, refers to any corners which make sharp edges which might be within your home or items such as trees pointed at your home from the outside. Try to eliminate as many of the outside poison arrows as possible, and inside if they cannot be eliminated try covering them up with plants. The problem with poison arrows is that they slash through the power that comes with good chi and bring deterrents, as well as, bad luck to the people living in a house.

A Locked House

It is possible when you are initially trying to increase your fertility using Feng Shui that you may discover that your house is in a locked phase. When this happens it means that your house is going through a cycle of time where the energy is such that it will be difficult for a new person such as a baby to join it. Fortunately, even if you find this out about your home, there is a quick and easy remedy which will unlock your home and make it possible for you to conceive. The remedy to increase your fertility using Feng Shui is to hear, as well as, see water that is clean, and circulating. The best way to achieve this is by including small fountains in your home. These do not have to be expensive and in fact many of the discount stores carry them for $10.

A Fruit Tree

Another technique you can use to increase your fertility using Feng Shui is to plant a fruit tree in your garden or back yard. Fruit trees are an ancient symbol of fertility, and the more the fruit you are able to get the tree to produce, the higher your chances of increasing your fertility. So, if you decide to use this method in your Feng Shui arsenal take good care of the tree!

Using Fertility Symbols

A final task which will help to increase your fertility using Feng Shui is to have symbols of fertility both in the bedroom and around your home. Examples of these might be a statue of an elephant, a rabbit or stork. You can rub your elephant to help bring more children. Adding rose quartz to your collection of symbols is another excellent technique. You can do this by having the stones themselves around your home and or wearing them in jewelery. An additional symbol and one which will help even after your child is born is having a statue of Quan Yin the goddess of compassion in your home. She is also the guardian of the souls of children, so her presence is very positive even after the birth of your child.

These are just a few techniques you can utilize to increase your fertility using Feng Shui, there are many others. With a little effort on your part, you may have the baby you long for sooner than you think!

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