How to Make a Topiary Plant Pot Set

The topiary design is usually one of a large, bulbous bush on bottom, connected to a smaller one in the center, connected to an even smaller one on top. The design has been loved by many people for many years, but previously, topiaries were a lot of trouble and sometimes difficult to find.

Some people have topiaries sculpted from certain types of trees in their yard, others purchase the topiaries and set them outside or indoors. They can be large, small, with blooms or without, made for special occasions, made for any occasion, but all of them take effort to keep sculpted in the three-ball shape.

There is a way you can have a topiary design without the actual topiary tree. The design consists of various size pots, stacked and filled with flowers or greenery. Start with three different sizes of plant pots, example: 4″, 8″ and 12″. You’ll also need two plastic glasses which are the same height and rather slim in design. The glasses, when placed in the largest two pots, must rise above the lip of the planter.

Set the largest pot on a table. Use contact cement to glue the glass, upside-down, in the center of the inside bottom. Glue the next largest pot on top of the glass. Use the cement again to put the second glass inside the second pot. Now glue the smallest pot on top. Purchase Spanish moss and glue it all over the glasses to hide them.

Fill the various plant pots with whatever plants you choose. The best plants will have a lot of green and will grow up and over the pots. Be sure and arrange the plants to where the glasses cannot be seen. Ask at a greenhouse for plants that will be ideal for your topiary.

The same design can be made using a single wooden or metal pole, but will require holes to be cut from the bottom of each pot. Other designs can be made from ordinary plastic kitchen bowls of different sizes, wicker baskets, and other bowl-shaped items.

Instead of using drinking glasses to hold the pots apart, you can use empty bottles, soda cans, hard plastic tubes, and similar items. The topiaries make great gifts and decor for your home – inside or out.

The topiary pots don’t have to be in a set of three – make them in sets of four or even five. Allow glue and cement to dry overnight before putting plants in the pots. You’ll enjoy the look of your new plant pots so much that you’ll want to make many. And you can!

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