How to Name Your Baby

One of the most exciting times of your life is when you find out you are expecting a baby. Along with many other decisions it is now time for you to decide on how to name that baby. If you decide to go with a traditional name or something a little different, you should make sure that it will fit your child. There are several things that you can do to find the right baby name for your new addition, and this article highlights several of them. First you should make a list of names from both your husband’s family and yours. Mainly the names that you really liked. Then make another list of names that you have heard of that you also happen to like.

You will also want to take your heritage into consideration. For example do you want to recognize your nationality or background within the babies name? Once your list is complete, and your husband list is complete, you can then begin reviewing them together. Try testing out each name with your last name to see how it sounds. You would not want to choose a name that sounds funny and will end up getting your child picked on in school.

The name that you give your child is something very precious. It will become a part of your child’s identity. Even your child’s self-esteem can be affected if the wrong name is chosen. You would also want to avoid picky something that sounds like a babies name. Remember your baby wont be a baby forever. Also a very long name will only complicate your child’s life, so you will want to try and make it something simple, so that writing their name in kindergarten will not be such a chore. Some people try giving all of their children the same initial, this will definitely narrow down your choices.

But the down side to all your children having the same initials is that they will not have any individuality. Keep in mind that each child is different and may not like having the same initials as their siblings, especially if one is a boy or one is a girl. Avoid names that bring back bad or hurtful memories. Once you have gone over both your list and your husband’s list you should try narrowing down your choices to at least five each. Then hold on to your list and allow some time to pass so that you can consider a few more ideas before making your decision.

Some parents suggest that a longer first name will work better with a shorter last name. There are several good things about choosing a name that is a little different or unusual. It will definitely make your child stand out. For example popular names such as Mathew, and Michael are used on an almost daily basis. So when your child starts school they are almost guaranteed to have someone with the same name in their class.

Another suggestion that may help your decision is to try looking up the meaning of the name. If you know what a name means it might help to make up your mind pretty quickly. Did you know that almost fifty percent of expecting parents believe that their child’s name will contribute to their success in life? The bottom line is that no one else can make this decision but you. Try looking through baby books and looking at some famous baby names to get ideas. Remember you have nine months to decide what the name of your child will be.

If you still cant decide and your due date is fast approaching why not take a list of at least five names to the hospital with you and see which one will fit the baby best. Sometimes once you see that cute little face you instantly know what his or her name should be. It may also comfort you to know that most parents never regret the name that they choose for their child. There are also several websites that may help, such as,,,,

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