How to Pick Up Inexpensive Coins at Coin Shows

I went to a coin show here in Greenville , South Carolina last October. There were probably 50 tables set up so I went browsing looking for coins to fill my collection of dimes and nickels and wheat pennies. After getting the coins I needed I decided to look at each table again to see what they had to offer.

I began to notice that quite a few of the dealers had boxes with coins being sold at very low prices. I started to look into the boxes and soon I was looking at three Indian Head cents in three containers. I paid four dollars for these three coins.

One of them was a 1907 in AU condition (about $13.00 in value) and a 1898 Indian Head in F condition ($2.25 in value). I was getting more involved in looking at these special coins that the dealers put out there in these different boxes.

After looking at several different tables I had found a 1975 Proof Cameo Quarter and two Proof Cameo Nickels. I finally asked one of the dealers there about these coins in the low priced boxes.

He explained that these were coins that either the demand was low for those type of coins or the dealer put his extra coins in there because he simply did not have the time to catalog them.

The dealer also explained that these coins were put there so newer collectors could buy the coins that interested them without the higher price usually attached to older coins or coins in better condition.

So to conclude when attending a coin show please stop by these hidden treasures at the different tables and do some old fashion searching because you will never know unless you look what type of coins are there.

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