How to Prevent Jet Lag Naturally

Summertime is the time for vacation, traveling, and visiting other parts of the country or world. You are definitely looking forward to your trip but you are not looking forward to the possibility of getting jet lag. Jet lag happens when your body’s internal clock, which regulates your sleep-wake cycle, gets all mixed up due to long travel times and changes in the time zones. Here’s how it works. You just traveled across several time zones it’s late but your body clock says it’s morning.

In order to get some sleep and not be cranky the next morning you take a sleeping pill, right? Wrong. Sleeping pills will only make things worse. They will make you even more tired and groggy in the morning, plus it may make it even harder for you to go to sleep the next night. What do you do? Instead of taking a drug you follow these natural alternative treatments to beat and prevent jet lag.

To help prevent jet lag if you are traveling from east to west, let the sun reset your mental clock by walking during the early evening times for about an hour outside in the sunlight. This will allow you to go to sleep later. If you are traveling from west to east, walk in the morning sunlight to allow your body to adapt to an earlier bedtime. Another way to naturally prevent jet lag is to take 0.5 mgs (a very small amount) of melatonin before you go to sleep. Taking melatonin will help you go to sleep faster and sleep deeper. Always take melatonin with your doctor’s supervision.

Another natural way to beat jet lag is to start eating foods that are more popular in the area you will be traveling to. Eating foods similar to the climate you will be in helps the body to adjust more quickly and adapt to the new climate and environment. Start changing your diet a couple of weeks before you travel this will allow your body to adjust slowly over a longer period of time instead of all at once. By doing this you cut down on the “shock” treatment, the stress and tension associated with traveling, thereby beating and preventing jet lag. You also want to do this on your return.

Always drink lots of water to avoid dehydration, which can bring on jet lag. To beat achy and stiff feelings in your body due to cramped spaces in airplanes take some Arnica. Arnica is a natural alternative treatment that helps overcome achy joints and muscles caused by sitting in cramped, uncomfortable positions for long periods of time. Take three tablets of the 30C potency three times a day the day before your flight, during your flight, and the day after your flight to prevent this symptom of jet lag.

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