How to Replace Windows – Remodel Windows with Frames

Window and window frame removal and replacement or repair is an extremely straightforward process, involving minimal tools and technical savvy. However , when you take into account that any remodel job, remodeling pre-existing home rather than new construction, comes loaded with separate and additional repair and remodel issues. Once work commences on the project at hand, there pop up any number of other repairs or annoyances that get in the way of a smooth, efficient remodel window replacement.

Generally speaking, great care must be taken with scoring the drywall seam on the interior around the window casement and sills, using a razor knife to cut about one eighth to a quarter of an inch into the seam. Neglecting this step will likely lead to time consuming drywall repair or replacement, as the window removal can pull large pieces of drywall from the interior walls.

Little preparation is needed on the exterior, other than setting up your walkboards and ladders, if required. While there are several types of windows, and many different methods of attaching replacement windows to different surfaces, this guide focuses on the most basic of these methods, and later guides will cover these variations in detail. In this instance, we are assuming that the windows are attached to the exterior sheeting, and not the studs. If your windows are attached to the studs with the sheeting installed over the flange of the windows, you will either have to cut the sheeting out with a circular saw, or use the frame-in method of replacing windows, which is covered in a later guide.

Once you have access to the window flange, the strip of metal that runs around the outside surface of the window, remove the screws or nails holding the window in. In most cases, this is all that holds the window to the wall. Unless the window is obviously ready to fall out, perform a close inspection before you attempt to apply any force to the window. Be certain that you have removed every fastener, as some unwitting homeowners will drive screws through the sashes of windows. Once every nail and screw is removed from the window to be replaced, simply push the window out by exerting force on the frame. Although sometimes the caulk can put up some stiff resistance, the window will generally not give you any trouble coming out.

Insert the replacement window and position it so that there is exactly the same amount of sill showing all around the edged of the interior casement. Having equal amounts of space around the edges of the replacement window is far more important than being level. Once you have your replacement window in perfect alignment, attach it with stainless steel screws to prevent rust and caulk around the exterior seams with the best fifty year silicone you can afford. Most new windows come with adjusting knobs on the sides, to control window tension. Be sure to set these before you install the replacement windows, as they may be inaccessible after the remodel is finished.

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