How to Save Money with Your Student ID

Most college students have a great tool right under their noses for saving money…their student ID! Whether they know it or not, their student ID can be their best friend when it comes to discounts and freebies. Sometimes, discounts for students can be in places and for services that they would least expect.

The following is the top ten list of great places for college students to get discounts with their student ID’s:

1) Movie Theaters: This one is the biggieâÂ?¦although most theaters that do honor this will want to see your ID, and won’t let you buy tickets for other friends at that price. Also, you will probably find that it is the same price as a matinee ticket, so you can only save money if you go at night.

2) Museums: Many museums offer reduced or even free student admissions with your student ID. This is another place where you are guaranteed to save some bucks with your student status almost anywhere.

3) Performing Arts Centers: Like movie theaters, performing arts centers sometimes offer student discounted tickets. In some cases, they are only available to student’s on-call, but it’s always worth a shot to ask the next time “Cats” is in town!

4) Bus Fare: Check with your local transit authority to see if your public bus system offers student discounted fares.

5) School Supplies: Need expensive art supplies for class? Ask your professor to see if there is an art store near your campus which offers students a discount. This is also a good one for students taking courses which require them to buy specific computers or laptops for their class; often software or the computer itself is offered at special student pricing.

6) Food and Retailers: If you are attending classes in a big “college town” many local bars, eateries and small businesses will extend discounts to students as a courtesy. This is another area where it would be great to ask professors and fellow students where you can snag a discount.

7) Services: Cable and internet is also offered at a discounted rate for students by certain providers. Cell phones and long distance telephone services also offer student discounts, depending on the provider. Shop around for the best deals in your area.

8) Insurance: If you are under the age of 25, unmarried and in good scholastic standing (read: “B” average or higher) then you may be eligible for reduced automobile insurance. Ask your provider and shop around for the best rates!

9) Banking: If you are paying for your checking or savings account every month, then it might be time to switch banks. A number of banking centers offer free checking for students, so ask your bank if they offer a program for students and save!

10) Travel: As a student, you may have access to some great deals for traveling abroad, such as cheap airfare and discounted hotel stays. Again, shop around and see if you can find a great deal traveling just by using your student status.

The truly frugal and money conscious college student will be able to find a plethora of ways to use their student status off-campus. If there is something you really enjoy, such as parasailing or karaoke, you can always find a way to weasel a student discount there as well. It doesn’t hurt to talk to small business owners and strike a deal for promoting their business at your school for free flying lessons or software. You never know what you can get for free if you just ask!

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