How to Write Poetic Wedding Vows

A lot of us think that we do not have the skills or the experience to write poetic wedding vows. Truth be told, you can learn to write them. Here are four easy steps to help you write what is in your heart in a sweet, poetic manner.

(1.) Decide what your theme is going to be. This should be the easiest part of writing your wedding vows. One thing that you do not want to do is write something that is clich�©, so here are some questions to ask yourself: Where did you meet your partner? How has your relationship managed to stay strong even throughout the roughest of times? What does your love mean to each other?

(2.) Allow yourself some time to revel in the past. Take some quiet time alone to think. Go for a walk or listen to some instrumental music. Whatever you do, you should not allow anyone to interrupt you during this time.

(3.) Choose your topic. This will be the way in which you will express your theme. Oftentimes it can be challenging to find a topic that is not trite. For instance, while your topic may be love, your theme should be what makes you love your partner. Find something that sparks your creativity and allow it to help you choose your theme.

(4.) The last thing that you will need to do is choose your style. There are numerous styles in which person can use to write poetry. In fact, there are probably as many styles as there are poems. These range from traditional to modern, post modern and everything in between. You have the choice of trying to fit your rough draft into one of these styles or even using no style at all. This is your “art work” and there are no rules. It is up to you. Regardless of what you choose to do make sure that it fits you personally. After all, personalizing your wedding vows means that you have made them personal from you, from your heart, and not that you have forced them to fit into a style that really is not you.

If you follow these four steps you will be able to write some beautiful wedding vows that you will be proud to share with your partner on the day of your wedding. The best part is that they will be memorable for the rest of your life since they were written from your heart.

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