I Couldn’t Live Without My Kitchenaid Mixer

My kitchen would be just another room without my Kitchenaid Mixer. Since making the rather large purchase, compared to the local discount store mixers, I have become the baker I have always dreamed of being. From Angel Food cake to an extravagant dessert recipe that I jotted down off of The Food Network, my mixer gives me the ability to cook like Julia Child. I know there is nothing I can not make. Everything taste better when it is mixed in my Kitchenaid. The textures are perfect. There is never a need for guess work. I know the dessert will be fabulous before I even start.

My Kitchenaid Mixer has a permanent home on my counter. This enable me to make my favorite dishes anytime I wish. This mixer is made of real heavy metal and if you are as accident prone as me you will appreciate this fact. I have found that plastic appliance just can’t make the cut for my everyday use. I continually have to replace them and look for the next step up in appliance quality. This wouldn’t happen if all appliance were made like my Kitchenaid Mixer. This is not a wimpy machine, lifting this machine to place in a pantry would be a difficult task for anyone, but I find it strangely satisfying because I am ready to bake always. If I had to pull it out of the cabinet every time I wanted to bake, I know my cooking hours would be limited. I just don’t like extra work.

With my mixer comes an overwhelming feeling of pride and self-confidence in my baking ability. My family is greatly appreciative of each time the come in the house and smell my fresh baked goods. When we have extended family parties such as family reunions I am the one they come to, to supply the desserts. It is so wonderful that people enjoy my baking. It is also awesome that they do not know how easy it is for me to concoct these dishes.

In a word, baking is EASY with my mixer. With its free standing set-up I can turn it on and walk around my kitchen gathering 1 ingredient at a time and replacing it when I am done. This makes for a really clean kitchen. So when I place the mixture in a pan to be baked, all I have to do is wash my mixer and wipe down the counters and I am free of the kitchen until the timer dings. This is so wonderful in the summer when the kitchen becomes the hottest room in the house.

Even if you don’t think you are a baker, the baker is inside of you waiting to come out. You only need the Kitchenaid Mixer and you can bake like the best. Consider your purchase an investment in you. I would give up every other appliance outside of my oven and refrigerator for this one spectacular baking necessity.

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