I See You

I See You

You ask what I see in you and
I’m stunned at your unknowing.
Most of all, I see Light in you,

The Light of Experience
And the Compassion and Tenderness it generates.

The Light of righteous Anger and the Power it becomes.

The Light of Dignity and Kindness.

The Light of Honesty and respect for a life lived in Truth.

The Light of Sensitivity and Tact and the Courage to be vulnerable.

The Light of skillfulness in human relations.

The Light of Humour and quick wit.

The Light of Desire coupled with a little Fear.

The Light of Playfulness and Creativity.

The Light of Loyalty and the ability to be a good friend.

And I see a beautiful face looking back at me with the bluest of eyes
Hands that take my breath away just being there,
A neck made to nibble and ears to be kissed
A mouth, talented and sweetly formed, and
Silver hair tied back, teasingly.


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