Interesting African Facts

Africa is one of the most unique and interesting countries in the world since it has now been proven that human origin began there, about 5 million years ago. The oldest humanoid bones ever found were found in Africa.

There are many more intriguing facts about Africa that most people don’t know. For example there are more people online in New York City than on the entire continent of Africa.

Although Africa is the second largest continent it has the shortest amount of coastlines because most of its coasts are not jagged and contain few bays. A complete population census has never been done in Africa because it is so big and some inhabitants are still quite tribal. It is estimated that over 740 million people reside there.

Among Africa’s population live some of the shortest people ever born. At the same time some African natives are amongst the tallest in the world. On some continents several different languages are spoken. In Africa over 1,000 language varieties are still being used although some of these are threatened by extinction.

Almost half of the population of Africa is under the age of 15. Part of the reason for this is that the life expectancy for some countries in Africa is only 36.

The world’s largest desert, the Sahara, is in Africa. It is so huge that it is larger than the continental U.S.

To start a business in Ethiopia only costs about $75. Ethiopia also has the least amount of access to safe sanitation. The country of Kenya is the most well-to-do country in Africa. The largest diamond ever found in the world was located in Cullinan, South Africa.

Some countries in Africa are so dry because they go literally decades without a drop of rain. Africa is home to the world’s largest reptiles – the Nile crocodile. They are also home to the tallest animals in the world, the giraffe, which are six feet tall when born.

The only country in the world that speaks just one language is Somalia, located in Africa. All the residents speak Somali.

Of all malaria cases in the world ninety percent are in Africa. At least 25 million people in Africa have Aids. And, Africa houses the world’s largest hospital – in Soweto.

Although Africa doesn’t exactly conjure images of windmills few people know that there are over 280 thousand windmills in South Africa alone.

Each country has its own uniqueness and Africa is one of the most unique. Wild animals, tribal beings, the famous Nile and the largest desert are only some of the interesting facts about this fantastic continent. Read more online, in encyclopedias or at your local library.

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