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A certain aesthetic has proven to be very popular amongst teens in this postmodern age: skater-hippy. Or hippy-skater, depending on the emphasis. But there’s no real need to own a skateboard or participate in the sport, because this certain approach to fashion/lifestyle is so easygoing that there’s no need to point fingers and call someone a ‘poseur.’

The leading distributor of this fashion is I-Path. Skate stores, shopping malls, and other outfitters carry the I-Path clothing line but few places offer limited edition items and supreme sales other than Because it is the direct distributor, features its own clothing section; there’s no middle man. features a wide array of clothing items for sale: jackets, tees, jeans, accessories, tops, and of course shoes. Shoes are what brought the I-Path brand to where it is today – the funkiest skate shoe producer on the streets. From high tops to chilled out loafers, from scherling to hemp, I-path’s sneakers are always guaranteed to be the perfect mix of flavor and comfort.

The I-Path brand also puts out some unique pieces from an artist known as Bigfoot. These articles range from messenger bags, hats, and t-shirts, all of which sport the signature artwork and colorway of Bigfoot.

The greatest aspect of’s direct supply shop is the access to limited footwear. On an approximate quarterly basis, I-Path releases variations on previous releases and, of course, new releases. A word to the wise: whenever a new shoe comes out, it should immediately be considered a limited release – not every shoe is made in mass quantity, despite the price.

Still, what makes actually worth it all – in an worldwide online community of clothing retailers – is its ability to keep it real. I-Path stays true to its skate roots and delivers an inventive remix to all that applies to the new school of skateboarding. Its clothing is high quality and its aesthetic is aspiring, which makes worth, at least, checking out.

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