Internet Dating is a Lot like Gambling: You Never Know What You’re Going to Get!!!

Now-a-days everyone is looking for love in or either on all the wrong places. Can you find true love, or your soul mate on a dating site? Some people actually have found their soul mates on internet dating sites and the less fortunate women like me, have found stalkers.

Several dating sites offer the love sick and lonely the possibility of true love, or something close to it. The first site that comes to mind is, but there are about 6 that I could direct you to!

Let us first take an intimate look at is a colorful site that offers those in need of love a chance to find someone who is compatible with them. The look and feel of the site will convince just about anyone that they have made the right decision, It’s Spring-time colors will make just about anyone feel at home and fill your despairing and hopeless heart with heaps of courage, excitement, and faith in love. You can join and become a member by paying a monthly fee, a tri-monthly fee, or a by yearly subscription. The best part of match is that you can make a free profile, and browse free of charge; however, contacting perspective members or love matches is not free. If you see someone that you like, then you are left with no choice, but to join and hope that sparks either fly, or ignite.

Joining and becoming a paid member comes with benefits such as the freedom to e-mail the other members at their personalized e-mail address, chatting, and adding more photos to your profile. If you’re not a paid member, you do have the option of sending the desired profiler a subtle, but flirty smiley faced wink, and hope that your profile, fact sheet, and picture is alluring enough to capture the attention of the desired person. You can also hope that a subtle wink causes love at first sight, and urges the one you admire to send along their biography, and private contact information, such as phone number, and private e-mail address with a detailed message, stating how much they would like to get to know you.

Pros and Con’s of Internet Dating:


1.) You may actually find your soul mate and you may actually be attracted to this
2.) If you do not find the love of your life or soul mate, you may find
your next potential employer, or a life long good friend, or someone who knows about the best dining places, or how to get the best travel accommodations.
3.) You may be able to use your contact for network purposes
4.) You can chat on-line until you are ready to exchanged personal contact
information with the person.
5.) When you grow tired of the person, you can block them. Blocking enables
you to ditch this person, while freeing yourself for the next prospective person and not harboring any guilt!
6.) You can view multiple photos of the desired profiler if they have
posted UPDATED photos of themselves.
7.) You can amuse yourself as you browse through hundreds of profiles…

1.) Misrepresentation: The person that you’ve fell head over heels for may not be who they claim to be in the photo. Being that it is the internet and any time you log on, you’re taking a big risk, people can create a life filled with lies on the internet by making up some glorious, but fictitious lifestyle. TRUE STORY: I’ve actually found a profile of a guy who used Brad Pitt’s photo for his own. So I thought I’d be a pain in the butt and contact him just to let him know that he was using Brad Pitt’s photos. We actually got into an text-e-mail argument. This Brad Pitt impostor swore that he was not using Brad’s photos and that he was the guy in the photos. He sent me hundred of e-mails swearing that the photo pictured was really him and not Brad! That didn’t work with me because the photo he was using was on the cover of People Magazine! Now, from my knowledge, I think Brad is dating or either Married to the lovely Angelina Jolie and has assumed custody of her 2 children and fathered one. âÂ?¦ I do believe that I am right! So, Why would Mr. Pitt be on pulling women??? I don’t think that’s plausibleâÂ?¦ So ladies and gents be careful! Creepy right?

2.) You may find your very own stalker: Yes, you can be stalked on internet dating sites. TRUE STORY: It happened to me. I kept getting contacted by this one guy who was actually a producer of a certain dating show. He would not stop contacting me. he lied about his age, said that he was 32, but was really 50! This guy proceeded to change his screen name, tag lines and photos. He would send me hundreds of e-mails. You have nothing to worry about unless you’ve allowed yourself to be duped, and exchanged personal info with them such as your phone number and e-mail address and details such as where you live or work.

3.) You think you’ve found prince charming, or sleeping beauty, but you’ve really found the boiled covered frog, or sleeping beauty’s 100 year old grandmother/grandfather: This most unfortunate turn of events leaves you in a puddle of tears, causing some miraculous function to stimulate your gag reflexes. You’re left to realize that a kiss is only a mere, and distant pipe dream that will not do anyone any good, except possibly make matters worseâÂ?¦ Well, it may be hot action for sleeping beauty’s 100 grandmother, or the frog, but a kiss will only make you barf, wish for death, or run away screaming with your finger shoved down your throat, as you attempt to activate your gag reflex! TRUE STORY: I know a girl who met a guy that scared her so badly that she came down with an instant case of diarrhea and stomach cramps on the spot! I will write about that story later for another article. You MUST heart his one!!

4.) Men and women who lie about their ageâÂ?¦: You’re browsing through dating profiles and you come across this breath-taking photo of this absolutely dreamy girl or guy who appears to be 24-29 or who fits in your desired age range. You’re dumb-founded and struck with love. You’re smitten and you have to meet this person. So you’re driven by lust and temptation to wink, send a flirty e-mail and pour your heart out to this person. You begin your e-mails by telling them how you’re so blessed to have stumbled across a profile like theirs; only to discover that this person is 3 times your age, bald, older than Moses, and has posted photos of their 24 year old model grandson, or grand daughter – oh and it’s happened.âÂ?¦TRUE STORY: If I had a penny, mind you folks, a penny for every time that I have heard this story, I wouldn’t be writing articles for money!

5.) This has to be the worst scenarioâÂ?¦: You could meet a prison inmate who’s been convicted of murder, or rape that tells you that his/her job requires him/her to travel out of town which explains why he/she can’t meet you. Here’s a tip people, prisoners do have access to the internet, and computers. Yes, if you can go onto, or any internet-dating site and make a FREE profile, then keep in mind that inmates can do the same thing. Inmates do have internet privileges. TRUE STORY: I once had a friend who complained about how nearly every guy that contacted her on a specific dating site always wore either a bright, solid orange, yellow, khaki, tan, beige, blue, grey, or black and white stripped shirt with numbers over their left, or right pocketâÂ?¦. Um. I think that the black and white should have been a dead give a way that this guy was in prison. She also complained about how her long distance love interest told her that he didn’t travel much, kept to himself, ate the same meals each day, and how his window was 4 x4 inches. I had to finally tell her that she was talking to prison inmates. What a shameâÂ?¦ She actually graduated with a master is physic’sâÂ?¦

How to keep yourself safe while dating on the internet:

If you feel that you have found your soul mate, or “The One,” and you’re ready to meet this person for the first time, here are some things you can do to ensure the safety of yourself and your blind date:

1.) Always bring pepper spray or mace. I personally prefer to being bear spray! You can get t at any camping store. Seriously folks! I figure that if it’s good enough for a bear, then it’s good enough for a person with the intent to harm your, or others.

2.) Have the guy or girl describe to you in great detail what they are wearing or what they plan to wear so that you, or your friends will have an easier time spotting them.

3.) Meet in a well-populated place like a local Starbuck’s, Jumba Juice, Coffee Bean or even the Mall.

4.) Have your friends do a pre-stakeout. A pre-stakeout is when you have your friends go to the agreed meeting place a few minutes early, and watch for the person you’re suppose to meet. Keep in mind that your friends should have a recent and or updated photo of your blind date. Your friends can be your best ally when it comes to ensuring your safety for a first time blind date because when they arrive to do the stakeout. Your friends can see the guy for themselves and tell you BEFORE you arrive, whether, or not the guy/girl you’ve been talking too for weeks and or months is the very same guy/girl who’s sitting at the bar waiting for you to arrive. This gives you a chance to cancel on the blind date if your friends visually confirm.

5.) Always let family and friends know that you are going on a blind date and who you’re going on a date with. Give your loved ones and friends this person contact information in the event something happens to you or you do not return. Do not lead yourself to think, or believe that just because you’ve talked to someone for a few months, a thousand hours, that you can trust this person, or doubt that they could never hurt you. It’s always those that we trust the most who can do the most harm! Don’t forget that!

6.) Never agree to meet your blind date at their home, office, or workplace. That’s risky business. You could find yourself in a horror movie.

8.) Before you meet the blind date, ask them where they work, where they hang
out, their favorite watering hole, or what places they frequent for recreation. Get to know the person. If the guy says that he’d like to talk to you in person, then you could agree to meet in a public like a nice coffee house.

9.) See if they person is comfortable with exchanging personal information like their
Place of address or showing you their driver’s license, and etcâÂ?¦ Some may think that there’s too much harm in this, but if the guy or girl is really legit, then they should have no problem with doing this

Now that you’re finished reading this article, you are free to go about dating on-line, but be careful and I do recommend picking up some of the BEAR SPRAY! You can’t go wrong and if you have to use it, and it leads to legal matters, just say that you ‘thought’ you had grabbed your trusty can of mace, but accidentally grabbed the canister of bear spray. How’s that?

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