Is Mariah Carey a Failure as an Actress and a Singer!

Many singers have now chosen to enter the world of singer/ actress, but when it comes to Mariah Carey every critic agrees that she should just give up. One of her biggest flops was the much advertised movie “Glitter”. This movie definitely got a lot of publicity, but when it came to the movie itself, both fans and critics were left very disappointed. Not only did many critics feel that the acting was not up to par, but they also felt that the storyline itself behind this movie, just did not cut it. She has made several other attempts to be an actress, but none of them turned out to be a success.

Some tend to feel the same way about her music career. The question therefore is why so many people feel this way about someone who has such amazing talent. Well if you did not already know then you should understand that many think that Mariah does not have the ability to sing the high notes like she used to. Of course she can still hit them on occasion, but she seems to have a lot of difficulty holding on to them.

On the other hand Mariah Carey still has a lot of fans who feel that a few flops does not mean the end of an already very successful career. Although it must be pointed out that she does have several things that are already going against her, one would be her age.

Let’s face it Mariah is not getting any younger, although by the looks of her you really can not tell that she is aging at all. But age does have an affect on your voice, which is something that many people do not realize. It does not mean that your voice gets worse, it just means that in certain cases some can not sing as strong as they used too. Especially if they pushed themselves too hard when they were young.

The bottom line as to whether or not Mariah is a failure or a success greatly depends on what she does in the next few years. Many are starting to speculate that she will attempt to come out with another movie, and really try to pursue acting on a full time basis.

While others speculate that she may come out with an even better album than she has ever done before. She may decide to do both and put a stop to all of those negative critics that said she should give it all up. I for one can not wait to see what she does; I just hope that this time she does prove everyone wrong.

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