Jump Start: Frankie’s Treasure Hunt Review

Frankie’s Treasure Hunt: Review of Story
Frankie’s Treasure Hunt, an educational computer game for first graders by Knowledge Adventure, starts outside a school house where players meet a friendly dog named Frankie, and the school’s hall monitor who explains some of the rules of the game. Frankie has a boat and is ready to look for treasure on some of the nearby islands. However, before Frankie can hop on the boat in search of treasure, some school activities must be completed. As activities are successfully completed, players earn clues for treasure hunts.

Frankie’s Treasure Hunt: Review of Game World
In this computer game, the school house has several rooms to explore. These rooms include a classroom, music room, the cafeteria, the playground, and more. In each room, there are two or more activities to complete. After completing three activities, the player can sail Frankie’s boat to one of the islands by answering and following the clues given. At the island, the player uses the final clue to find the hidden treasure. The player’s chest fills with more and more treasure each trip, and gold coins are awarded as well.

Frankie’s Treasure Hunt: Review of Skills and Activities
The activities in this computer game are educational but fun. Skills taught include science, word matching by meaning or rhyme, reading comprehension, working with coins, time, spelling simple words, measurements, equations, and much more. The activities include things like pizza making, a snack machine, kids on pogo sticks, and a strange food maker. Kids will love the crazy foods that come out of the food maker, and will enjoy putting toppings on pizzas. Players will also enjoy visiting the islands and collecting treasure and coins.

In most activities, the instructions are easy to understand as long as kids are listening to the introduction to each challenge. Additional help is available with the push of the button. Help will also pop up if the wrong answer is given too many times.

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