Kegel Exercises for Men: Improve the Male Orgasm

For as much time as some men spend at the gym working on their abs, biceps, and other muscles, they often neglect their pubococcygeus muscle, which can be exercised without any equipment. In fact, most men don’t even know the pubococcygeus by name, though its roles during urination and male orgasm are hard to ignore. Often called the PC muscle for short, the pubococcygeus can be explored and strengthened to improve sex – and specifically the power, length, and overall sensation of the male orgasm.

Exercises of the PC muscle were widely publicized by a doctor named Arnold Kegel, and now the various squeezing and holding techniques used to strengthen the pubococcygeus muscle bear his name. These “Kegel exercises” are recommended by doctors and sex therapists for medical conditions like urinary control and premature ejaculation as well as for general enchancement of the male orgasm and ascending sexual experience.

[Note: Women also have the PC muscle, but because their bodies are different, this article focuses on Kegel exercises for men who want to improve the male orgasm.]

About the PC muscle

The PC muscle is part of the pelvic floor, and you can infer from the full name – pubococcygeus – that it runs from the pubic bone to the coccyx. Because our muscles work in concert, there is interplay among this PC muscle, the anal sphincter (which essentially keeps your anus “closed”), and the cremaster muscle (which helps lift or drop the testicles based on temperature). By toning up and strengthening these muscles with Kegel exercises, you can safely experiment with improving the feeling of the male orgasm.

Kegel Exercises for Men: Identifying the PC muscle

The best way for men to identify the PC muscle for Kegel exercises is to stop or slow down a stream of pee during regular urination. While standing up to pee, simply pay attention to which muscle you would use to cut the flow and what the sensation feels like. Don’t actually prevent yourself from peeing, of course; just tinker (or tinkle, if you will) with the feeling of stopping briefly. Do this during urination for a few days, and you’ll correctly identify your PC muscle and become more aware of your voluntary control over it.

Kegel Exercises for Men: Outside of sexual activity

Once you’ve developed a stronger awareness of the muscle, it’s time to work it. When you are not urinating and not erect, practice squeezing the PC muscle and holding it for just 2 or 3 seconds, repeating the squeeze 10 times. Perform a set like this 4 or 5 times a day for two weeks. It’s quite unobtrusive and requires little time.

After two weeks of the basic Kegel exercises, squeeze the PC muscle for a longer period of time: 4-5 seconds, then 6-7 seconds, and so on until you can squeeze and hold for about 8 seconds, provided it’s not uncomfortable. It’s important to work your way up gradually from shorter squeezes to longer ones and to stop and take a break for a day if you ever feel pain. If anything, the squeeze – and especially the subsequent release – should be oddly pleasing, not painful.

Kegel Exercises for Men: During masturbation and sex

Once you can squeeze and hold consistently and repetitively, it’s time to practice Kegel exercises during masturbation. Continue the exercises as normal, but pay attention to your erect penis. You should be able to make your member “lift” or “bop” or “jerk” a little bit more without touch than you used to. Do the Kegel exercises first without stroking and then with stroking. At first, incorporate the exercises during the early phases of masturbation and enjoy the sensation. Then, move them closer to your orgasm so that, when you feel you’re about to ejaculate, you are simultaneously flexing the PC muscle in a way that you personally find pleasurable.

Eventually, you won’t feel like you’re consciously exercising anything; you’ll just be using a newly strengthened muscle to experience new sensations during masturbation and – once you’re comfortable – sex with a partner. Thoughout the entire process of strengthening your PC muscle with Kegel exercises, make sure you work slowly up to the next level, enjoying the sensations and doing what feels good without straining yourself.

The end result is greater control of your sexual sensations and (generally) even more powerful, intense orgasms. So start squeezing to improve the male orgasm.

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