Kids and Their Comfort with Blankets

Green Please!

In the dusty, tumbleweed town of Dalton, Nebraska, a baby named Bob was born into what people may say a doomed from birth. As a newborn baby, he was completely bald. Normally this is understandable for babies, but Bob never grew out of this phase; he never grew much of anything. As he continued to grow, not one single sprout of hair burst from his ever so pink epidermis. The doctors were convinced that it was a disease, but there was no evidence to support their theories. All tests were negative, and he was as healthy as any other boy, with hair. This was the first step to his unforgettable life. As if having no hair wasn’t enough, he was so attached to his green blanket that he wouldn’t even take a bath without it. His mother had to dry it every time he was finished bathing. It’s a good thing that in today’s modern world there are eclectic driers, or Bob may have spent most of his life waiting for his blanket to dry. His parents also thought that this was only a phase, yet as he reached the age to enter preschool, he resisted to leave the house without it. His parents knew that if he wasn’t able to take it he would never leave the house. And even if they could get him in the car, he wouldn’t get out once they reached the school. So eventually they let him take it. They figured that if he took it the first day, he would have so much fun he would forget about it.
Turns out they were wrong. He kept fussing to take his blanket everyday for the rest of his school days; not only preschool, but kindergarten, elementary school, and even high school. As anyone can imagine a fully bald child carrying a green blanket around has an unfamiliar ring to it. And it never failed that every day he would arrive at home with his eyes cherry red and dozens of tissue in his pocket full of dried up snot. Yet, when he had his blanket it was like the whole world around him disappeared. He was in a green heaven, and he was fearless. As he grew older, beginning in his high school years, the crying ended, and a new phase began. He still brought his blanket to school, but kept it in his green backpack, inside a green paper bag. This way if he was ever feeling down, it was always there to comfort him. This wasn’t a phase, yet this is how it began.

From the green backpack to the green paper bag grew into a much larger scale. But when Bob was ever asked why, he always simple replied, “It reminds me of lifelong hope”. You might be confused at this point, but here are the details. Bob’s parents loved him, but always noticed that everything in his life seemed to be green. Everything in his wardrobe was green, from his socks to his hat. All this pants were green, his shirts, his jackets, and even is underwear. The greens were all different variations, so he wouldn’t always look the same, but it was always green. The walls of his room were green, the comforter on his bed was green, and he even colored the tail of his cat green. And don’t forget, when he turned 16, he wanted a green car. When he went shopping, every item he purchased had to be green. If it wasn’t green he couldn’t eat it. His main diet consisted of vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, cucumbers, green grapes, kiwi, and limes. Because the body needs more than fruits and vegetables, if he ate any other type of food he would use food coloring to make it green, such as green rice, pasta, and even milk.

Overall, no matter what part of Bob’s life was investigated it was always green. To Bob there wasn’t anything strange about his life, he could see all other colors, yet green was what always stood out. His parents were not even sure if Bob realized his “problem”. They weren’t sure if Bob knew because his answer to the question, why do you like green so much, never gave them a straight answer. Did Bob continue to like green because he knew it filled his soul with hope, or did he do it to be different? His parents couldn’t decipher this question based on his answer of hope. It turns out that Bob is said to be a walking legend of immortality. Although this sounds like a modern legend, it dates back to the times of leprechauns. Some even say that he is a modern leprechaun, and if a person catches a glimpse of such a man, he will bring hope and natural growth into their lives. So if you are ever shopping at the supermarket and the man in front of you is buying a lime, a jar of pickles, and a bottle of green Gatorade, think to yourself is that “Bob” ?

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