Loboc River Boat Ride in Bohol

A trip to the island of Bohol, the Philippines, is never complete without experiencing the Loboc river boat ride. Loboc is 21 km from city proper via paved roads that provide convenient access.

The controlled number of boat ride establishments, provide different packages that cater to any budget. Some even offer an encounter with captive Philippine Tarsiers giving visitors an opportunity to view and take pictures of this DENR protected animal. However, flash cameras and touching are discouraged to avoid unduly stressing these nocturnal creatures.

The small boats or “bancas” for hire take you to the edge of the river and back for less than US$ 10.00. Bigger boats which act as “floating restaurants” offer the ride with buffet meals at around US$ 5.00 per head. These boats can carry around 50 people with 3 to 4 crews. They resemble catamarans using 2 to 3 “bancas” as the pontoons. Another boat is attached at the back that pushes the whole platform.

The “eat all you can” buffet offer 10 courses of popular Filipino dishes that you can enjoy while being serenaded by two musicians belting Tagalog and Visayan songs. However, the boat leaves only after all the seats are filled. For those who want more privacy or romance, they can rent the whole boat for US$ 15.00 plus the US$ 5.00 per head for the meals. Musicians are an additional US$ 8.00.

The whole trip takes almost an hour and takes you to the edge of the river where it is fed by water flowing down the higher peaks. Coconut palms and lush vegetation line the riverbanks as the soothing calm and quiet relax you. You can try out and savor Filipino cuisine as you enjoy the fresh tropical breeze.

World renowned hospitality, Filipino talent and artistry, rich flavors, tropical adventures and exotic flora and fauna, the Loboc river boat ride lets visitors experience Filipino culture in a nutshell.

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