Lone Wolf Can Run No Further

Through the cold and lonely forests
Across lands totally unknown and foreign
Lone Wolf wanders through his quiet dreams
Memories chasing him, relentless hunters

The edge of the world is where he ends
Unable to run and escape for another day
Lone Wolf must now face his fears
He must now face himself in his struggles

Laying in the snow, panting heavily
Tired of the chase, tired of running
His internal hunters have found him
And begin to encircle his fallen form

Their arrows and blots sting his form
Unseen wounds that bleed heavy and free
Pain beyond all he could know and feel
Lone Wolf thrashes in the deep snow

Unseen foes, behind the lids of his eyes
Lone Wolf struggles against their weapons
Falling heavily to one side, shallow breathing
Unseen wounds, heartfelt pain, wanting to die

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