Married with Children on DVD a Simply Must Have for the TV Lover in You

Married with Children since its Television debut 1987 has enjoyed a well deserved title as the mother of all dysfunctional family sitcoms. It cannot be argued that before the creation of Married with Children TV sitcoms up to that point were sterile pictures of families that no one in reality could possibly have like the Brady’s of the or the Cosby’s of the Unlike its predecessors Married with Children created by Writer Ron Leavitt Michael G. Moye (both worked on such successful sitcoms as: The Jeffersons, Laverne & Shirley, Happy Days, Good Times, and Different Strokes.) was designed from its conception to be a TV show that was to break all the “rules” and damned if it didn’t. The characters were unlike any personality ever seen on TV at the time or perhaps since.

The family named the Bundy’s Consisted of the father Al who for all purposes was the classic low brow working class American loser. A full time shoe salesman he is cursed to service the large and unattractive day after day for life all the while constantly recalling his former High School greatness as a football hero. He very clearly believes that its marriage that lead him to this most menial and pathetic existence. His wife a incredibly lazy red head named Peggy is the antithesis of every sitcom mother before or since. She doesn’t cook. She doesn’t clean. She essentially does nothing for her family and constantly complains about two things: Her husbands lack of money due to his embarrassingly low pay and his lack of interest in her sexuality along with his inability to satisfy her. All the while she spends money her family obviously doesn’t have on thing she obviously doesn’t need. The two children of the Bundy clan are no less unique personality’s. Kelly the oldest of the two is a sexy blond hottie with an amazing figure with a completely empty head. Combined with the morals of an ally cat she is easily the worst daughter a father can hope for. Bud younger of the two and the carrier of the Bundy seed is by far the most intelligent of all the Bundy’s however he is doomed to eek out a pathetic lonely existence as he simply is seen as repulsive to the female of the species. A constant horn-dog Bud’s only drive in life is to get some from women unfortunately he his constantly rejected time and time again. The last but not least member of the Bundy’s is Buck the family dog. The faithful and hilarious Bundy canine has an intelligence and personality that would make Lassy head for the hills. He unlike Bud constantly has the females pawing at his door and always has an interesting insight at the right time on the lives of his masters.

The Bundy’s share their terrible lives with a plucky bank manager by the name of Marcy Rhodes-Darcy. Marcy a scrawny upper middle class women with less then impressive physical attributes is often the butt of Al’s superficial female jokes. A devout feminist Marcy is the exact opposite of Al certainly putting them at odds and making for many of the funniest moments in TV history. Marcy’s first husband Steve was much like herself but often Al would drag him into his zany world but Steve would eventually leave his wife and the bank biz to run off and become a park ranger. Marcy would then briefly enjoy bachelorette status until she would re-marry on a drunken impulse to a pretty boy ex-con and schemer Jefferson Darcy and he unlike Steve would become Marcy’s trophy husband as the result of his tanned good looks.

For ten years (1983-1997) the lives of these quite un-sanitized characters were enjoyed by millions on the FOX network. Now they can be enjoyed on DVD. If you have not watched a single episode of the series when it was on TV I still recommend you picking up one of the first five seasons that have made it on to DVD thus far. I assure you if you like to laugh your ass off or you simply want to see a group of people with lives a lot worse then your own then Married with Children is for you. The constant failures of this group of personalities is sure to provide you with hours and hours of laughter and entertainment and make you a Bundy-holic at first glance.

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